Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bring it on

My break will officially start after I submit all my paperwork today! I am still waiting for my colleague to give me the green light to go and get everything printed though. But everything seems to be okay now.

I am just here, onlining and doing nonsense while I wait for my colleague. It is dangerous though cause I might end up shopping. =P Lots of things I need before CNY.

Since I am so free, I am going to list it all out:
1. Fix my hair
2. Contact lense (preferably with astig so that I can wear when I drive as well)
3. Pants/Bottoms (I have a few tops for my CNY but NO BOTTOMS =P)
4. Facial care products (cause I have been deprived of it FOREVER)
5. Inner wears
6. Shoes (except for my sport shoes, I have not gotten any shoes for a LONGGG LONGGGG time, I am not a shoegirl)

OK, that's about it. 6 things which will burn a big hole in my pocket. I might reconsider some cause I think if I get all 6, I will probably use up my whole month's salary, not very wise I would say.