Monday, August 11, 2014

Caught in between

I love teaching because I find it more enjoyable and less boring. Working in an office can get rather repetitive and routined in my opinion. Hence I chose to teach.

However, I am also someone who dislikes speaking in front of the crowd and be in the center of attention. Give me a class with 20 students, I am fine. Give me one with 200, I get so worried before the class!

One plus point is that you basically work most when you are teaching. After teaching, there are of course lessons to plan and files to complete but it is still bearable (not sure of other institutions but I think it's the same). And if you have a fun class, the time passes so quickly.

Ok, I think I will still choose teaching over other things but maybe not teaching 200 students. T_T After next sem I hope I will grow so much more from the experience.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Being the youngest

So my sister was analysing this and I find her analysis very much biased. Hence I cannot just sit by and not do anything right? =P

I will do it like how she did it okay? We will start with my eldest sis.

Natural Leader (check). I think this should be generally true for all eldest unless their age group is very small.
High Achiever. (check and uncheck) For her work, she is a high achiever. For her studies, not so.
Organized. ( not at all...see her room for evidence to support)
On-time. (HAHAHHAHA like NEVER?)
Know-it-all. (Act like know-it-all counted?)
Bossy. (Not really.)
Responsible. (To a certain extend. Responsible for the family yes. For minor things, sometimes not so.)
Adult-pleaser (Oh yeah...anak-cucu mithali. Spoil market for us.)
Obeys the rules. (Nah, don't think so.)

Flexible. (It depends. Definitely more flexible than I.)
Easy-going. (Yea, she is quite bo chup one. But she tend to mind her own business more so you don't really deal with her much.)
Social. (Like what?Socialable? Er...not really?)
Peacemaker. (As I said she is the type who bo chup. She doesn't talk much so she doesn't stir up conflicts but she doesn't solve either.)
Independent. (Yes.)
Secretive. (Again, back to the part on her personality of being the quieter ones so yes.)
May feel that life is unfair. (Nope, don't think so.)
Strong negotiator. (She minds her own business so there's nothing much to negotiate ahhaha.)
Generous. (Depending on situation but I think my eldest sister is more generous. Second sister gives when she has to.)

Risk-taker. (Nope, I am the worst! I hate chances and challenges.)
Outgoing. (I think so. Put me side-by-side with my second sis and I win hands down.)
Creative. (I am alright I guess but eldest sister is more creative.)
Self-centered. (Sometimes. But I think I care a lot for the family as well so I don't think of myself only.)
Financially irresponsible. (I don't think so. I save as much as I can and I don't really spend.)
Competitive. (At home yes. I always want to win. But when it comes to the real deal I prefer to be on the backseat.)
Bored easily. (Oh yeahhh...and get distracted easily too.)
Likes to be pampered. (er...who doesn't?)
Sense of humor. (I think I have sense of humor. Just don't light my fire.)

Hmm...I think this is a fairer analysis compared to the one here.