Thursday, June 19, 2014

Looking for new home


As I've been saying, the boyfriend and I have been looking for a house for our future family. Now we have narrowed down to one project that will only be done end of 2017. So that gives us plenty of time to prepare but we have yet to seal the deal.


And with that in mind, we are also looking for a new domain to finally start our family blog as I feel that I have outgrown this blog, together with all my history. I would love to start a blog where I focus on being a grown-up and blogging about things I don't even care for when I was younger. This blog will remain here together with cause I grew up with those.

But then again, I think it is about time that I have one that will grow old with me. So I have been reading up on "How to Choose a Domain".

Nothing is set yet cause I want to spend time to really scout for one I will really like and will really grow old with, just like how I scout for our future home.


Lots of changes, lots of new things happening but all things will be good, in God's time. I used to say all these things are uncertainties. I hate uncertainties. Uncertainties scare me. Uncertainties make me feel uneasy.

However, as a child of God, nothing is uncertain, everything is already fixed by God. So why do I have to feel insecure and afraid of uncertainties? I may not know what will happen along the way but I do know that the final goal is fixed and my final goal is with Jesus Christ, whatever it may be, whenever it may be.

So, changes will happen. And I will embrace them.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Birthday Cakes

I thought I want to skip to Hard Rock but just thought my birthday cake for this year is worth the mention.

Last year my eldest sister bought a jelly cake for my second sister which tasted awesome and looked awesome too. So I've been pestering them to get me one. Ever since the first cake, we have gotten 4 jelly cake from them. We had one last October, then November, then two in April this year.

First time and we fell in love with the design and the taste

Just because dad is always with his vest and tie. -.-"

Mine this year with tonnes of little jellies in the middle which I love

My cousin's

All 4 different designs. One thing though, we need to self-collect and her house is in Marvista which is on the way to Batu Ferringhi. So it can be a little inconvenient. Cost about RM60 to RM90. Quite okay for the effort I think. We ordered one with longan in the middle but I don't have the picture. That was for my uncle. So we actually bought 5 from her thus far.

I love it cause I don't like the cream on cakes and I prefer Fruit Flans anyway. You can see more designs on her Facebook *click here*.