Sunday, April 28, 2013

Running around in a circle

And sometimes I don't know what I am busy with also. It felt like I've been busy since I left for Bali and have never stopped running around.

my 25th birthday passed by just like that and I'm one year older. And then convocation, and then a few days of resting and I started running again between my jobs, my tuitions, Sunday school and church activity. I didn't even have enough time to slow down and breathe. Maybe this is what Ps Sam in Daniel's church said by a distraction more than an open door.

Slowly taking off some weight from my shoulder, letting go and let others handle it. Cannot allow myself to be caught up with so many things, I feel so tired in church and I can't concentrate in my walk with God. And that is VERY important looking at my relationship with Him now.

Worst is that people think that I am pretty free and has nothing to do but I have a lot in my plate and they keep piling them up on me. I know you are busy, but guess what? So am I!

Will blog with pictures once I have more time in hand (which I will ended up using to read some books -.- sorry)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Got a job! I think

I was taking a nap.
A friend sms-ed.
I replied.
He asked if I want to work for a lecturer as a RA.
I was rolling on the bed, still blur, I said ok.

I was doing my laundry.
Someone called.
The lecturer (who used to be my lecturer) called.
4.10pm, I'm in her office.
She passed me several documents.
I walked back.

So I was hired, at 4.10pm on Thursday.

You dare say it's not God sent?
I was practically DOING nothing. I did not ask for it. I did not apply for it. It came to me. The previous RA ran after 3.5days. How possible is that?

Anyways, I am just doing it for the time being. I'm not sure how long this job is, I'm not sure how she is going to pay me since I'm working at the odd-est time frame (work 2 days, off for holidays, come back and continue kinda thing).

But I shall embrace God's blessing for now.

Love the pastel coloured balloons! And that slightly plump cartoon is kinda cute. No? =)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Secretly a tigress

Candy Crush Talk
Me: Eh, why you never send me request to give you ticket? (on our usual Candy Crush talk)

Boyfriend: I scared you will scold me and be unhappy (clearly cause he has passed the level that I was stucked in, passed it last night before I go to bed).

Me: I got so fierce meh? Send la!!

Boyfriend: It's okay, I sent to many people already.

Three days later, still refuse to send to me. So I went to his Candy Crush app and noticed that he is already in level 68, 3 levels after getting the ticket. Walao!! Dare not tell me that he got the ticket and moved on. -.-" I got so fierce meh?

Go to sleep
Me: You better finish your work before you sleep tonight. Tomorrow some more want to go out with friends. (payback for always nagging me)

Boyfriend: Ok =(

a little past 12am.

Me: Eh so late already, still don't want to sleep?

Boyfriend: *yawn* I haven't finish my work. You say cannot sleep before I finish.

Me: -.-" Since when so obedient? Fine! Finish up your work! Else when you can't finish, you'll throw tantrum on me.

Boyfriend: Ok. =( *silently do his work*

30 minutes later.

Me: Eh, still don't want to sleep meh? (I KNOW I DAMN ANNOYING)

Boyfriend: You say cannot. =(

Me: Aiya, go sleep la, tomorrow wake up earlier to continue.

Boyfriend: OK! =) *shut down computer and hopped to bed*

Excuse me hor, I got so fierce meh? Maybe I am! *proud*

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ruined Face!

My face has always been round ever since I was young. Back then, it was cute to have round face. Until of course I grew up and round face is a headache. But despite having problems with the shape and size, I rarely had much problem with my complexion. People used to say I have an okay complexion. I may have visible pores and blackheads but pimples are just temporary resident.

However, two months back, I began to have pimples on my face which were beginning to show signs of permanent stay. No matter what I did, they (note the plurality T_T) refuse to leave. They grouped up in a corner on the right side of my face.

They are disturbingly noticeable as they are reddish. I've tried double cleansing, changing product and applying pimple cream but nothing seems to work yet. I have yet to go to any facial and even make-up cannot hide them. As I have just completed my Masters Degree, I do not have the means to go for expensive facials like my sis did. I do hope they will not worsen until I get a job and go for a proper facial.

I used to have clear complexion. Now I don't even enjoy dressing up as the pimples are driving me crazy!!!

Any remedy?