Saturday, September 28, 2013

Things I do

like I wrote

"Congratulations. Again."

- Ping -

on a bouquet of flower that my boyfriend's mum asked me to get for my boyfriend on behalf of her. So I had to cancel my name and write

- Mum and Dad -

ho ho ho WHY I LIKE THAT?

Week 1 of working is so far so good.

Students have been quite ok except for one class. But I think I can handle them.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I got it

For your information which is really just for my information 
since I am practically the only one reading it.
I got the job.

Got the call just now,
Will go over tomorrow for briefing
And then will commence on Monday.

Nervousness creeping in, bit by bit.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Interview done

Not confident
But it's in God's hands now.
So I'm not gonna do God's job and worry too much.
He has His plan.
I've done my part.

Love the beautiful clouds.
Need them once in a while.
Love the sun although the weather is still slightly chilly.

Love Mummy for dropping me and waiting for me throughout the interview.
Boyfie for making me send my resume,
Maureen and Kalai for encouraging me to apply.
Maureen for giving tips and saying awesome pawsome stuff.

And whatever it is, God has His plans for me.
Now I'm off to Extreme Makeover Home edition marathon while preparing Saturday's lesson plan.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Basically sent in my resume yesterday
Got a call today to go for 
Interview tomorrow!

Mad things happened in 3 days.
And I was like "Aiya, all my friends got the job already,
I am sure they have filled up all the positions.
But it's okay, I'm gonna send in my resume just in case they need people in the future."

And got 4-5 missed calls this morning!
I was driving so I didn't hear it ringing AT ALL.
Checked my phone once I got out of the car and 
ta-daaaaa so many missed calls

Called back and got greeted with the automatic call-operator.
Called back and asked for a few people and in the end got to the person who called me.

Tomorrow interview.
"God, You quite amazing hor?
I'm gonna believe this is from You cause I really gave up hope already.
But you gave me this. I was thinking, what else am I good at? 
I am relatively okay in teaching and I would love to try other things but for now, 
whenever I go to jobstreet, I will reluctantly scroll back to teaching cause that's what I know. 
And when I was typing the cover letter, I found back the reason why I wanted to teach in the first place. Whatever it is, I surrender it to You. You are so amazing You can do anything la!"

So off to prepare for my interview tomorrow.

Friday, September 6, 2013


Are you guilty of this? I'm most guilty for the waking up and before sleeping one! Boyfriend always complains that when he wants a cuddle, there I was, playing with my phone. =x How about you?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Counting my blessings

Was eating my diet meal (consisting of lots of vege and some chicken breast) when my little grandmother sat beside me.

"Eh, no eat rice ar?"
"No, today eat chicken and vege"
"Why no eat rice?"
"Heee..don't want to eat rice."
"Eh, yesterday you cook that pork, very nice lo."
"Is it? You like it ar?"
"Ya...the taste just right. Sometimes when we buy outside not so nice one."
"Ya lo, this one we cook ourselves ma, so we can cook the way we want it lo."
"Ya, very nice. I eat that one only enough already."
"Like that I cook for you some more okay?"

I am going to count the little blessings every day. This is the 3rd time my grandmother praises my cooking with Thermomix.

First was Fried Bee Hoon.

Second was Sambal Dried Shrimp. My aunt told me that my grandmother keep saying it is nice.

Today she praised me of my Dark Soy Sauce Pork Belly (which really is Char Siew without garlic and shallots cause I was too lazy to marinate them the day before but she loves it !)

If you know my grandmother enough, you would know that she is a VERY (very is an understatement) fussy eater. So those who wonder can Thermomix cook what we cook daily and make it good? My answer is, it can cook EVEN BETTER! Cause it's not only tasty (approved by a fussy grandmother), it is HEALTHY with less oil and it is EXTREMELY EASY with no need of spring cleaning after cooking even after cooking Sambal Dried Shrimp which was IMPOSSIBLE before this.

Looks like I've got to cook more stuff for my grandmother with Thermomix so that she can have good meals every day. Besides, it requires little effort. Our little naughty grandmother sometimes refuse to eat cause the taste is not up to her liking. So it's a blessing for me to be able to cook for her and make sure she eats well. Motivated to cook even more!

Staying Positive

Taken last Sunday in the car in SP. Beautiful clouds. Came back to Penang after that to haze and rain.
At times like this, it's difficult to stay positive.
Especially when your close ones are not helping.
Lots of self-hating, self-loathing, frustration and anger.

And then I am reminded of what I told my students in Sunday School.
"Is our God BIG?"
"Is our God GREAT?"
"Is there anything our God can't do?"
"Can God help us with our problems?"
"What must we do when we face problems or difficulties?"

Yet here I am, trying to do all things MYSELF, relying on my own human strength.
Of course God works in wonderful ways, ways we never imagine or even thought of.
He may not work the way we expect Him to work but His plans never to destroy us.
I can only do so much myself, but with Him, I know He will bring me to where He wants me to be.
Need to stop being a hypocrite. Telling my kids how wonderful God is and yet I myself struggle to understand this simple thing that God wants us to do.

Our God is a GREAT, BIG GOD who created all things wonderful. Just look at the clouds!
He who can create all wonderful and powerful things can help me.
And He who creates the sharks, the crocodiles, the beautiful clouds, sunset, sunrise,
all types of fish, birds, animals, the sea and the land, the ENTIRE UNIVERSE from NOTHING
is willing to walk alongside with me, guiding me. 
God who is willing to go BEFORE me and bring me with Him will never fail me.

ps: A good and very comforting article