Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wedding Planning

It is about a month and a half after the proposal. We have to finalize our wedding venue as many places are booked already.

No joke I tell you. You have to look at the price, then the venue, then the stage, then the overall feel. I also take into account the amount of parking space as I don't want my guests to not have place to park. Also, location. And then at the end....after you like everything, you got to look at the price again.

We both are on the same page that we are willing to spend on the wedding but not to the point that we cannot afford it. So after we are settled with the venue, we will have to look at wedding photographers, live band, the gowns (headache), make ups and all.

We are thankful that his church friend is willing to help us with pre wedding photographs. At least then we don't have to fork out RM2-3k for it in the studio (that's usually how much it costs I think). And another friend said ok to taking videos for us so can save another RM3k on videography. We will pay them but at least they won't expect us to pay so much.

So those money can be put into a better location although I have to go and hunt for gowns and make ups and hairdo on my own. I think for the finger food for the morning wedding reception we will also try to source cheaper options.

One step at a time yo.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

3rd Day into the new semester

I've dayre-ed it but I still like to occasionally type something in my blog. I try to keep it alive ok? I try.

Anyway I've been feeling rather tired since last night and it's just day 3 of week 1. I have 13 weeks and 2 days to go. I taught 10 hrs the past 3 days so I have another 6 to go for this week. I think part of the reason of me being this tired is that I've personally interacted with over 240 people in these few days and it is draining me out.

I love teaching because it is always something new and you learn and you have fun each time. My students always make me laugh. Now the problem is also that you have to be excited or energetic most of the time in the class. Otherwise it will be boring for the students. This week is the first week so a lot of introductions, remembering names and laughing. I hope as the week goes by I will adapt to it and maybe not have to use so much energy.

But I'm like so tired and lethargic before class but the moment I enter I kind of feed on others' energy and then be energised. At the end though I leave feeling slightly exhausted.

Next week I will also have an interview so....I don't like interviews if you do not know already.

Besides those, these 3 days were made better with few incidences.

#1. The guard mistook me as a student and stopped me from parking at the lecturer's slot. Which is fun at my age now. I was mistaken as student by lecturers and admin staffs when I first came.

#2. I bumped into many of my ex-students.

#3. Students always acted like their usual self without noticing me there. I kind of blend in with their friends since I have been early for each class and stood with them to wait for the previous lecturer to leave. For few times they were happily chattering away until they saw me and got shocked. Because they thought I was just another student in that room.

#4. I bumped into one ex-student and he greeted me. He was like "Hi Miss...Ch'ng Ping Ping." I smiled. His friend called him a liar cause his friend didn't believe I am a lecturer. He told me and I smiled to his friend. Then his friend looked at me and finally realised that I could be a lecturer since I did not say no and smiled sheepishly.

At 26 years old, you take all the "you look like a student" remarks as compliment and bask in them for as long as you can ok? I am already 7 or 8 years older than them. Soon I will be 10 years older than the students there. Must enjoy this while I still can.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Caught in between

I love teaching because I find it more enjoyable and less boring. Working in an office can get rather repetitive and routined in my opinion. Hence I chose to teach.

However, I am also someone who dislikes speaking in front of the crowd and be in the center of attention. Give me a class with 20 students, I am fine. Give me one with 200, I get so worried before the class!

One plus point is that you basically work most when you are teaching. After teaching, there are of course lessons to plan and files to complete but it is still bearable (not sure of other institutions but I think it's the same). And if you have a fun class, the time passes so quickly.

Ok, I think I will still choose teaching over other things but maybe not teaching 200 students. T_T After next sem I hope I will grow so much more from the experience.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Being the youngest

So my sister was analysing this and I find her analysis very much biased. Hence I cannot just sit by and not do anything right? =P

I will do it like how she did it okay? We will start with my eldest sis.

Natural Leader (check). I think this should be generally true for all eldest unless their age group is very small.
High Achiever. (check and uncheck) For her work, she is a high achiever. For her studies, not so.
Organized. (Er....no? not at all...see her room for evidence to support)
On-time. (HAHAHHAHA like NEVER?)
Know-it-all. (Act like know-it-all counted?)
Bossy. (Not really.)
Responsible. (To a certain extend. Responsible for the family yes. For minor things, sometimes not so.)
Adult-pleaser (Oh yeah...anak-cucu mithali. Spoil market for us.)
Obeys the rules. (Nah, don't think so.)

Flexible. (It depends. Definitely more flexible than I.)
Easy-going. (Yea, she is quite bo chup one. But she tend to mind her own business more so you don't really deal with her much.)
Social. (Like what?Socialable? Er...not really?)
Peacemaker. (As I said she is the type who bo chup. She doesn't talk much so she doesn't stir up conflicts but she doesn't solve either.)
Independent. (Yes.)
Secretive. (Again, back to the part on her personality of being the quieter ones so yes.)
May feel that life is unfair. (Nope, don't think so.)
Strong negotiator. (She minds her own business so there's nothing much to negotiate ahhaha.)
Generous. (Depending on situation but I think my eldest sister is more generous. Second sister gives when she has to.)

Risk-taker. (Nope, I am the worst! I hate chances and challenges.)
Outgoing. (I think so. Put me side-by-side with my second sis and I win hands down.)
Creative. (I am alright I guess but eldest sister is more creative.)
Self-centered. (Sometimes. But I think I care a lot for the family as well so I don't think of myself only.)
Financially irresponsible. (I don't think so. I save as much as I can and I don't really spend.)
Competitive. (At home yes. I always want to win. But when it comes to the real deal I prefer to be on the backseat.)
Bored easily. (Oh yeahhh...and get distracted easily too.)
Likes to be pampered. (er...who doesn't?)
Sense of humor. (I think I have sense of humor. Just don't light my fire.)

Hmm...I think this is a fairer analysis compared to the one here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Google Yourself

Few years ago, I was chatting to a friend about googling my own name. I found out a little more about myself and maybe the shortest person in the world. Apparently the shortest man in the world shares the same name.

Anyway, it brought back memories. I used to be able to blog about anything and everything. Although I sometimes really weren't funny but I tried to be. Now? I don't even bother to try. Life has reached a stage where nothing is really very interesting or blog-worthy.

But it is still fun to read back on my blog entries from many years back or read my friends' who have also neglected theirs. Somehow all our blogs died around the same time. Perhaps cause we are moving to the same phase of life together and really there's nothing to write unless I were to start blogging about.....I don't know, the weather?

I was glad I blogged when I was younger. I can read back and laugh at my own lameness and stupidity. =P One day I will revive or start another blog, when I enter the phase of life where everything around me interest me again (like marriage or new house or cooking).

For now, I will just pen down whenever I feel like it.

I also really should learn how to use my camera. Another reason of me stopping is because I don't really know how to use this new camera ever since I dropped the old one.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Eyelid Stitching

I have heard so many people doing it and apparently it doesn't hurt.

I just read about a blogger who did it for RM3k to 4k and that can last for 10years. I have been contemplating but if I were to do it, I must first lose weight. Lol, cause lose weight is almost painless (or bearable pain) and it is free. That also can I cannot do it, don't even think about doing such beautification procedure.

But I might consider....one day....Not that I have problem going out as I am, poor boyfriend. I used to be much more vain and put more effort. Now I am just wearing t-shirts and 3 quarter pants when I go out with the boyfriend. Downgraded. Speaking of which, I shall put more effort.

For now, I'm going to get the lace double eyelid tape.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It is done!

This is a little belated cause I was busy from Friday all the way to yesterday. It was a long weekend in Penang and the boyfriend is around so I need to nua on the bed with him. Hey, it is very taxing ok?

So....the title of this post shows that....we have finally confirmed the booking for our new house. It will only be done in 2017 but I am so happy!!! Like FINALLY! No more house hunting and going round and round. No more looking at not so nice houses and just resorted to my fate of not having a dream house. No more going to some neighbourhood and sighing cause I really don't like the neighbourhood.

Thank You God for this gift. Thank You that we stumbled upon this roadshow in QB. Thank You that the price is within our range and thank You that the house we saw after that was horrible and expensive which make the decision to get this one so much faster.

So from now to 2017, it is about working hard, saving money and dreaming for our dream home.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The day has come

Two more days until we can see the house that we've been wanting to see.

I am excited for sure although I try to calm myself down. It has been a long search and we've been to so many houses, the initial excitement to see houses has long gone. But now that this might be IT, the feeling is back. And this will be so much more than I ever ever ever dream or even thought of.

So whatever that is given to me, I will take it, treasure it and appreciate it. Also, gonna start working again soon so good time is here. God will give me all that I need and all that I want in time to come. There will be many opened doors and many closed doors and I will just call on to God and cling on Him to lead me to the right door, the door that He intended for me.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Looking for new home


As I've been saying, the boyfriend and I have been looking for a house for our future family. Now we have narrowed down to one project that will only be done end of 2017. So that gives us plenty of time to prepare but we have yet to seal the deal.


And with that in mind, we are also looking for a new domain to finally start our family blog as I feel that I have outgrown this blog, together with all my history. I would love to start a blog where I focus on being a grown-up and blogging about things I don't even care for when I was younger. This blog will remain here together with www.ahbu74.blogspot.com cause I grew up with those.

But then again, I think it is about time that I have one that will grow old with me. So I have been reading up on "How to Choose a Domain".

Nothing is set yet cause I want to spend time to really scout for one I will really like and will really grow old with, just like how I scout for our future home.


Lots of changes, lots of new things happening but all things will be good, in God's time. I used to say all these things are uncertainties. I hate uncertainties. Uncertainties scare me. Uncertainties make me feel uneasy.

However, as a child of God, nothing is uncertain, everything is already fixed by God. So why do I have to feel insecure and afraid of uncertainties? I may not know what will happen along the way but I do know that the final goal is fixed and my final goal is with Jesus Christ, whatever it may be, whenever it may be.

So, changes will happen. And I will embrace them.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Birthday Cakes

I thought I want to skip to Hard Rock but just thought my birthday cake for this year is worth the mention.

Last year my eldest sister bought a jelly cake for my second sister which tasted awesome and looked awesome too. So I've been pestering them to get me one. Ever since the first cake, we have gotten 4 jelly cake from them. We had one last October, then November, then two in April this year.

First time and we fell in love with the design and the taste

Just because dad is always with his vest and tie. -.-"

Mine this year with tonnes of little jellies in the middle which I love

My cousin's

All 4 different designs. One thing though, we need to self-collect and her house is in Marvista which is on the way to Batu Ferringhi. So it can be a little inconvenient. Cost about RM60 to RM90. Quite okay for the effort I think. We ordered one with longan in the middle but I don't have the picture. That was for my uncle. So we actually bought 5 from her thus far.

I love it cause I don't like the cream on cakes and I prefer Fruit Flans anyway. You can see more designs on her Facebook *click here*.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Secret Garden

After watching Running Man, I noticed a few short scenes of Secret Garden in the show. Hyun Bin was so handsome. So I decided to go google on this show and found it.

Now at episode 5 I think. Watch with whenever I can in between doing work. I am doing a few things at once now. One of it is translating a book for a dear friend for her ministry. I hope I do a proper job. =x Now back to translating before rewarding myself with one episode of Secret Garden.

I actually like it although the storyline is a little like those Meteor Garden days. Why do they have to always be so rich and powerful ar? I don't understand leh.

But I kept singing "That Woman" by Baek Ji Young. Look at my face also know I only sing the first two lines la. Then my boyfriend kept saying, "OMG I have a Korean girlfriend." Why he so lame I don't know. Maybe learnt from me.

Ok, back to translating. I know 1 month ago I went Hard Rock and said will update about it. I will...eventually. =P

Edit: Wah, I see myself too highly, say I sang first two lines. Tolong, is the one word in the two lines which is 'saranghamida'.

Friday, May 9, 2014

My Love From Another Star 2

I officially finished watching all 21 episodes in.....3 days. Ok what? Not really. I have no life. /cries.

Anyway, as I googled for the ending, I don't even know why I acted like I didn't know the ending and was quite eager to watch the last episode. But I have that kind of ability. To know the ending but still want to watch it. I don't know why everyone likes the male lead. I likeHwi Kyung more or please, even Yoon Jae is more good looking in my opinion.

The male lead is just........he has tiny head which is AWESOME to be alien. But, he is also too girlish. Although his character makes him very mysterious and charming, that I have to agree. However, if he is not like that in person, then....I don't know, please don't kill me.

I love the entire show because of Cheon Song Yi cause she is so unpretentious in the show and totally let go. Like WHO sits like that? So gangster and so unladylike. Normal person behaves better than that even. So it's good. I like. I admit, I fell into the hole together with many others too.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Love From Another Star

Sorry ar I watch this show after the hype if over. Even the stickers on LINE is gone. But when my friend was talking about it, I was like "SAY WHAT? Love story of alien and human? Korean some more?"

Korean shows rarely has happy ending. And Korean guys are no longer my type. I like rugged look. Korean guys look more like girls. But then I watched one episode because the boyfriend downloaded this app for me to watch dramas.

And I am hooked not because of Do Min Joon but because Cheon Song Yi damn funny. Her English got me laughing. No wonder my friend and my students were talking like that. -.-" But I like her acting and she was so funny the whole time and she makes you want to cry also. So, now I am at episode 12 (I started yesterday thankyouverymuch) and I decided to.....google for the ending. The boyfriend always scolds me because I just wouldn't wait for the show to tell me the ending.

Like I will google for winners when I am watching The Amazing Race. =x Sorry, bad habit of mine but I try not to spoil it for others. I try to "act" surprise also. I need to kick off this impatient habit of mine really. So episode 12 yo!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Birthday 2014

I did not blog about my birthday 2012 and 2013 I think. I am but a lazy blogger but in 2012 I went Phuket with my family and the boyfriend and in 2013 the boyfriend and I went to Bali for his project cum my birthday trip.

Since we have both graduated last year (finally), this year we do not have the time or even the money to go for a trip. Oh the irony. We are trying to save money and right now I am unemployed so it really doesn't help.

But I had a blast this year because I get to be with my friends and my family on my birthday.

Just a slight recap because the next post will be about Hard Rock Hotel which is my getaway for this year's birthday which was love! We spent quality time together and snippets from the staycation is currently giving me the encouragement and support I need.

The boyfriend booked a table at Kaffa which I wanted to try for the longest time but he kept telling me he was busy. And most of the time he was just lying down on bed on Sunday afternoons. Busy huh? He was there 2 hours earlier to prepare before he realized 2 hours is a longgggg longgggg time. So he basically sat there and sweat. Didn't help that my friend fetched me late and we were an hour late so he had to wait for me for 3 hours.

Big Breakfast that my friend ordered. At the back is the Grilled Salmon. The eggs and the mushroom for Big Breakfast needs some salt la. =P Very bland.

Ham Aglio Olio I think. Was not bad but my friend argued that there wasn't much ingredient which she was not satisfied about.

More of my face than of my pasta but it is Tomato Cream Chicken Spaghetti I think. I love mine!! It's very huge though and I love pasta so I am not complaining. The boyfriend stopped me from finishing mine. =P

The boyfriend's burger which could use a better bun cause the juice soaked through the bun and it was a messy and sloppy meal that night.

Overall I am quite happy with the food probably because I major love my pasta. Now I am craving for it again!

Present time. Look at the happy couple beside me. Like they got to take home my present like that, so happy. They were the ones who fetched me that night. Much love. Let you smile in my photo ok?

Happy me

Also we bought present for Jen Jen. Actually I don't know one, they buy I pay only cause they don't want to break the surprise lol. We got her Pandora charm, doggie bone one. She sure major love cause she loves doggie and she collects Pandora charm. I think is her BFF (Diana) choose one confirm.

Then the boyfriend asked me stand back facing him and "plucked" a star from the sky for me. He is very lame sometimes but I love the balloon!

Extremely difficult to get a nice photo there cause it was dark. All our photos turned out blur.

After dinner we moved down for some aircond and more chit chatting.

  The boyfriend and I with the cake he bought on that day. He forgot to pre-order the cake so we got some strawberry cake which tastes okay but I am so well-loved. He doesn't do these kind of things often as you can see.

 They sang and I laughed. Seriously I am usually so tak glam one.

 Another shot with my girls. I love my girls. Jen Jen and Yi Lin coincidently were back so I get to celebrate with them. After eating the cake about 10+ we all decided to balik. Not made for late nights and it was a Sunday so it's good to let everyone go back and rest.

 The little goodie he prepared for me. All the girls got one each in little cupcake lining! It was during one of the exercise routine we did that we walked into Straits Quay and saw this shop and I randomly mentioned I love them all. I am a blessed girl.

 My present which I told the boyfriend I want and he told the girls. So that's that. I celebrated my 26th birthday in the company of people I love having good food, good laugh and definitely a great time.

Will blog about my celebration with my family then finally with the boyfriend at Hard Rock Hotel.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Reviving the blog

for the nth time. Seriously I think I have some kind of illness. I get distracted WAYYYY too easy and WAYYY too fast. I will say yay I'm going to revive my blog and the next thing you know, I am once again using this as a platform to get to my favourite reads faster.

I changed the title of my blog to 'A click away' cause really, this is one click away from my day job. I share more personal thoughts on Dayre but maybe here I will write proper long ones like my recent Hard Rock experience or recipes I've tried and loved or just those more exciting stuff.

I try to rant and complain less here though since I have Dayre to do just that. I dayre at www.dayre.me/pingping

Go on and check it out. I quite like to write there cause I can read instant updates of everyone there and I just love how convenient it is for me to type wherever I go. Blog post requires more dedication, more time and more effort.

Ok, in my attempt to revive my blog, I shall not write too much and will update soon with my Hard Rock experience. Let's hope my effort this time around last longer.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Where are you?

If you haven't already know, we have not experienced rain for almost a month now.
Hills are burning everywhere.
It does not help that for the past month we have been happily playing fireworks and firecrackers.

So now it is all hot and sticky
And my throat is suffering from all these.
Hello, I have tiny nose okay?
My nose cannot take too much of these before it fails and gets blocked.

Friday, February 28, 2014


It has been a long while since I last written ANYTHING here cause right now I am completely hook in Dayre. Although I don't have much readers there but better than here la. Here one nia kut, myself. T_T. Anyway, I am on dayre.me/pingping

This semester is quickly finishing. Next week it is week 4 which is halfway there already. The purpose of this post is to talk about Spotify.

I have had Spotify in my laptop for a while now although I can't remember why I have it. For the past few weeks all I did was quit it when it popped up after I turned on the lappy. Then one day I decided to go all Dora the explorer and check it out.

To my surprise, it is amazeball! Love how easy it is for me to browse through songs and just listen to WHATEVER I want. I am still contemplating on getting Premium but I'll stay Free for a while now. Maybe when I have my own house and I play my music when I am cooking or relaxing then I will make it Premium.

But it is super amazing, EVERYONE should get it. My BFFs are using it one by one. And the first thing after any of us try Spotify will be SPOTIFY IS AMAZING! So yea, you should know how amazing it is!

It brings me all the Chinese songs I major love and it's not even crowding my lappy space cause I only listen when I online which is almost ALL the time when I am on lappy. When I am in my office it is not convenient to listen anyway cause I have colleagues and we are usually preparing for classes. So I love Spotify. Thank you.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bring it on

My break will officially start after I submit all my paperwork today! I am still waiting for my colleague to give me the green light to go and get everything printed though. But everything seems to be okay now.

I am just here, onlining and doing nonsense while I wait for my colleague. It is dangerous though cause I might end up shopping. =P Lots of things I need before CNY.

Since I am so free, I am going to list it all out:
1. Fix my hair
2. Contact lense (preferably with astig so that I can wear when I drive as well)
3. Pants/Bottoms (I have a few tops for my CNY but NO BOTTOMS =P)
4. Facial care products (cause I have been deprived of it FOREVER)
5. Inner wears
6. Shoes (except for my sport shoes, I have not gotten any shoes for a LONGGG LONGGGG time, I am not a shoegirl)

OK, that's about it. 6 things which will burn a big hole in my pocket. I might reconsider some cause I think if I get all 6, I will probably use up my whole month's salary, not very wise I would say.