Friday, February 28, 2014


It has been a long while since I last written ANYTHING here cause right now I am completely hook in Dayre. Although I don't have much readers there but better than here la. Here one nia kut, myself. T_T. Anyway, I am on

This semester is quickly finishing. Next week it is week 4 which is halfway there already. The purpose of this post is to talk about Spotify.

I have had Spotify in my laptop for a while now although I can't remember why I have it. For the past few weeks all I did was quit it when it popped up after I turned on the lappy. Then one day I decided to go all Dora the explorer and check it out.

To my surprise, it is amazeball! Love how easy it is for me to browse through songs and just listen to WHATEVER I want. I am still contemplating on getting Premium but I'll stay Free for a while now. Maybe when I have my own house and I play my music when I am cooking or relaxing then I will make it Premium.

But it is super amazing, EVERYONE should get it. My BFFs are using it one by one. And the first thing after any of us try Spotify will be SPOTIFY IS AMAZING! So yea, you should know how amazing it is!

It brings me all the Chinese songs I major love and it's not even crowding my lappy space cause I only listen when I online which is almost ALL the time when I am on lappy. When I am in my office it is not convenient to listen anyway cause I have colleagues and we are usually preparing for classes. So I love Spotify. Thank you.