Friday, May 30, 2014

Secret Garden

After watching Running Man, I noticed a few short scenes of Secret Garden in the show. Hyun Bin was so handsome. So I decided to go google on this show and found it.

Now at episode 5 I think. Watch with whenever I can in between doing work. I am doing a few things at once now. One of it is translating a book for a dear friend for her ministry. I hope I do a proper job. =x Now back to translating before rewarding myself with one episode of Secret Garden.

I actually like it although the storyline is a little like those Meteor Garden days. Why do they have to always be so rich and powerful ar? I don't understand leh.

But I kept singing "That Woman" by Baek Ji Young. Look at my face also know I only sing the first two lines la. Then my boyfriend kept saying, "OMG I have a Korean girlfriend." Why he so lame I don't know. Maybe learnt from me.

Ok, back to translating. I know 1 month ago I went Hard Rock and said will update about it. I will...eventually. =P

Edit: Wah, I see myself too highly, say I sang first two lines. Tolong, is the one word in the two lines which is 'saranghamida'.

Friday, May 9, 2014

My Love From Another Star 2

I officially finished watching all 21 episodes in.....3 days. Ok what? Not really. I have no life. /cries.

Anyway, as I googled for the ending, I don't even know why I acted like I didn't know the ending and was quite eager to watch the last episode. But I have that kind of ability. To know the ending but still want to watch it. I don't know why everyone likes the male lead. I likeHwi Kyung more or please, even Yoon Jae is more good looking in my opinion.

The male lead is just........he has tiny head which is AWESOME to be alien. But, he is also too girlish. Although his character makes him very mysterious and charming, that I have to agree. However, if he is not like that in person, then....I don't know, please don't kill me.

I love the entire show because of Cheon Song Yi cause she is so unpretentious in the show and totally let go. Like WHO sits like that? So gangster and so unladylike. Normal person behaves better than that even. So it's good. I like. I admit, I fell into the hole together with many others too.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Love From Another Star

Sorry ar I watch this show after the hype if over. Even the stickers on LINE is gone. But when my friend was talking about it, I was like "SAY WHAT? Love story of alien and human? Korean some more?"

Korean shows rarely has happy ending. And Korean guys are no longer my type. I like rugged look. Korean guys look more like girls. But then I watched one episode because the boyfriend downloaded this app for me to watch dramas.

And I am hooked not because of Do Min Joon but because Cheon Song Yi damn funny. Her English got me laughing. No wonder my friend and my students were talking like that. -.-" But I like her acting and she was so funny the whole time and she makes you want to cry also. So, now I am at episode 12 (I started yesterday thankyouverymuch) and I decided for the ending. The boyfriend always scolds me because I just wouldn't wait for the show to tell me the ending.

Like I will google for winners when I am watching The Amazing Race. =x Sorry, bad habit of mine but I try not to spoil it for others. I try to "act" surprise also. I need to kick off this impatient habit of mine really. So episode 12 yo!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Birthday 2014

I did not blog about my birthday 2012 and 2013 I think. I am but a lazy blogger but in 2012 I went Phuket with my family and the boyfriend and in 2013 the boyfriend and I went to Bali for his project cum my birthday trip.

Since we have both graduated last year (finally), this year we do not have the time or even the money to go for a trip. Oh the irony. We are trying to save money and right now I am unemployed so it really doesn't help.

But I had a blast this year because I get to be with my friends and my family on my birthday.

Just a slight recap because the next post will be about Hard Rock Hotel which is my getaway for this year's birthday which was love! We spent quality time together and snippets from the staycation is currently giving me the encouragement and support I need.

The boyfriend booked a table at Kaffa which I wanted to try for the longest time but he kept telling me he was busy. And most of the time he was just lying down on bed on Sunday afternoons. Busy huh? He was there 2 hours earlier to prepare before he realized 2 hours is a longgggg longgggg time. So he basically sat there and sweat. Didn't help that my friend fetched me late and we were an hour late so he had to wait for me for 3 hours.

Big Breakfast that my friend ordered. At the back is the Grilled Salmon. The eggs and the mushroom for Big Breakfast needs some salt la. =P Very bland.

Ham Aglio Olio I think. Was not bad but my friend argued that there wasn't much ingredient which she was not satisfied about.

More of my face than of my pasta but it is Tomato Cream Chicken Spaghetti I think. I love mine!! It's very huge though and I love pasta so I am not complaining. The boyfriend stopped me from finishing mine. =P

The boyfriend's burger which could use a better bun cause the juice soaked through the bun and it was a messy and sloppy meal that night.

Overall I am quite happy with the food probably because I major love my pasta. Now I am craving for it again!

Present time. Look at the happy couple beside me. Like they got to take home my present like that, so happy. They were the ones who fetched me that night. Much love. Let you smile in my photo ok?

Happy me

Also we bought present for Jen Jen. Actually I don't know one, they buy I pay only cause they don't want to break the surprise lol. We got her Pandora charm, doggie bone one. She sure major love cause she loves doggie and she collects Pandora charm. I think is her BFF (Diana) choose one confirm.

Then the boyfriend asked me stand back facing him and "plucked" a star from the sky for me. He is very lame sometimes but I love the balloon!

Extremely difficult to get a nice photo there cause it was dark. All our photos turned out blur.

After dinner we moved down for some aircond and more chit chatting.

  The boyfriend and I with the cake he bought on that day. He forgot to pre-order the cake so we got some strawberry cake which tastes okay but I am so well-loved. He doesn't do these kind of things often as you can see.

 They sang and I laughed. Seriously I am usually so tak glam one.

 Another shot with my girls. I love my girls. Jen Jen and Yi Lin coincidently were back so I get to celebrate with them. After eating the cake about 10+ we all decided to balik. Not made for late nights and it was a Sunday so it's good to let everyone go back and rest.

 The little goodie he prepared for me. All the girls got one each in little cupcake lining! It was during one of the exercise routine we did that we walked into Straits Quay and saw this shop and I randomly mentioned I love them all. I am a blessed girl.

 My present which I told the boyfriend I want and he told the girls. So that's that. I celebrated my 26th birthday in the company of people I love having good food, good laugh and definitely a great time.

Will blog about my celebration with my family then finally with the boyfriend at Hard Rock Hotel.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Reviving the blog

for the nth time. Seriously I think I have some kind of illness. I get distracted WAYYYY too easy and WAYYY too fast. I will say yay I'm going to revive my blog and the next thing you know, I am once again using this as a platform to get to my favourite reads faster.

I changed the title of my blog to 'A click away' cause really, this is one click away from my day job. I share more personal thoughts on Dayre but maybe here I will write proper long ones like my recent Hard Rock experience or recipes I've tried and loved or just those more exciting stuff.

I try to rant and complain less here though since I have Dayre to do just that. I dayre at

Go on and check it out. I quite like to write there cause I can read instant updates of everyone there and I just love how convenient it is for me to type wherever I go. Blog post requires more dedication, more time and more effort.

Ok, in my attempt to revive my blog, I shall not write too much and will update soon with my Hard Rock experience. Let's hope my effort this time around last longer.