Friday, August 30, 2013

Packing my bags again

Last weekend I was packing for my trip down to KL for training. Today, for a camp in SP.

This kind of carefree lifestyle is gonna end soon!
Part of me is happy cause it sucks to be so carefree when everyone else are busy. =P
Working hard till the very last minute.
All thanks to a very "good quality" audio that I have to transcribe and also 
Pretty Little Liars that managed to tempt me out of doing my work.
They did that while I was rushing for my Master's Thesis a while back.

Anyways, I'm done with Season 4 and now waiting for Season 4B
to start in October (I know right?SO LONG!!!)
Took me 5 minutes to pack and now I am back to my work. 
Need to get them done by 12pm so that I can relax a little before leaving for SP.
Life of a work from home girl. =P

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Minion talk

Me: Whatever you say you want, I give okay?

Him: Got meh?


Him: Urm...the Minions I say I want to buy from US you said NO!

Me: That's cause I want to buy for you! Remember I showed you last week? I bought for you okay?

Him: Really meh?

Me: *Act teary* YA LA! Don't believe me some more. *hide under pillow*

Him: Sorry look at me and say you bought it again. *testing*

Me: *cringe* I bought it la! Don't believe suak! *defensive mode on*

Him: Ok la..ok la..sorry la..thank you baby.

Me: Oh shit, I hope they are still selling it! =P

Him: So that you can buy it after I leave right?

Me: Heee... You believed that I bought?

Him: Earlier no..

Monday, August 19, 2013

Travelling stories

Sometimes when I think about BKK, I will remember the time when Daniel and I almost missed our flight.
It was probably his first flight out of the country and my first without my family. So we were too relaxed about getting through the immigration.
We thought that boarding time=time we can go through immigration. 
So we sat outside waiting! When we line up to enter the immigration, the line was MAD LONG LA.
And they wanted to scan my bag twice. 
All these happening while they announce that it's a final call to board our plane. 
We were running like mad and the Bangkok airport then was super huge la. 
It was the nice one, not the budget one. And it felt like it was endless. 

So while we were running in the airport towards the gate and I dramatically asked Daniel to hop on the plane and leave me behind. 
I was really tired of running and I thought I slow him down. 
And I really meant it then.
So funny thinking about how drama we were.
Daniel was saying, "NO, YOU BETTER RUN. DON'T TALK NONSENSE!!!"
It's sweet that he didn't leave me behind and we actually managed to board the plane. Of course if you don't talk about all the guilt punishment he gave me after we managed to reach the gate, it's a happy ending. When we got to the gate, there were still people who have yet to board the plane! And I had enough time to drink some water and eat some motion sickness pill.

Our second trip on our own was Bali and if you don't already know, the boyfriend vomitted from Bali all the way back to Penang. 
And I spent the whole night looking for hot water for him and then when I got home, I vomitted too cause I masuk angin.
But he said I took good care of him. *smug*

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


with word of God. Woke up at 8am today (and intend to do so from now on) to spend time with God and then do my work. It's true that those who work from home need 3-4 times more discipline than those who work in an office.

Listening to kids worship songs while doing my work. Not a bad thing to do. ^^ A little sleepy but decided not to take a nap since my lunch break was slightly longer (with television and short rest on the bed slotted in).

So now back to preparing for my class so that I can clear off the rest of the time for demo.

Felt more energized after reading the word of God. I need this refueling. Been letting myself wander in the desert without looking for God or too "busy" for God for wayyy too long. Time to get back to the one who gives me Living Water, unceasingly.

ps: These simple yet innocent worship songs refreshes me. I've got the love of Jesus in my heart. And I'm so happy!