Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Challenge accepted!

Yesterday, while having dinner in the room (yes, we have dinner in the room), the boyfriend spilled half a bottle of his water on his bed. And yes, we sit on his bed to have our dinner. He forgot that he did not close the cover and tilt his bottle vertically and water-falls (literally).

So I hurriedly got up and looked at him with big wide eyes.

Me: Bii, your water bottle!!!! You forgot to close your bottle hor?

Him: Hee...Ya, forgot.

Me: *Still staring*

Him: Go get a cloth la. (I wanted to get a tissue) Don't want tissue, get a cloth!!

Me: Okay, okay, *grab my towel*. Thank God I'm not the one spilling it, otherwise CONFIRM kena marah like mad.

Him: What?! Where got?! *act innocent*.

Me: Got lo!!! Come pinky promise, if I ever spill anything on your bed, and you scold me, YOU MUST REWARD ME.

Him: FINE! BR!

Me: I deserve better!!!

Him: Haagen Daaz.


Him: TGIF lo...

Me: FOR 10 TIMES. =P

Pushing my luck. Anyways, I'm gonna try to spill water on his bed and get scolded and get my BR. =P I want BR today.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Goals until end of 2012

Pao and I set our goals while we were at the training just now. Mainly because our 90 days challenge ends on the 31st of December so it makes an apt goal to achieve before 2012 ends.

We will......

Attend the meetings and trainings diligently so that we are qualified for the 90 days challenge.


We will.........

try to do at least 4 demo (praying that two will bear fruits!!!) Uni has been crazy, duties are coming in, it's really hard especially now I have to purposely wake up early and try not to sleep too late (lest I can't wake up) for morning run and I feel that day has been cut shorter for me. But I know that I have a GREATTTT God. And I can do ALL things through Him who strengthens me. So I shall persevere, knowing that He is with me and I will be okay at the end of the day.

34 days till the end of December!!!! =) We shall end this year on a beautiful note.

Blogs have been boring. I will try to update more next week. I have to sacrifice Marshall Burger's opening okay??? It's not easy, just bear that in mind, it's not easy.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wrong timing

Like when I feel like taking a nap but I just washed my hair.

So I decided to continue doing my work and maybe sneak in a short reading time. Been reading on this book on the footbinding custom which is really an eye opener.

It's called Snow Flowers and the Secret Fan. There's a lot of description of the process and what happens until they got married. I've yet to finish the book. Trying to finish up as many books as I can before I go crazy in BBW book fair in December. The boyfriend is bringing me!!!! *hops around*

Updates on Hatyai will be done soon, maybe on Saturday or Friday evening. =)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hatyai Day 1 - Evening

If you have missed out on the previous post, click Hatyai Day 1. That post was until we went back for nap till 5pm.

We got the van company we booked to drive us around on Day 1 evening as we had not been to the places we want to go and we did not want to risk getting lost at night in Hatyai on our first day. We paid RM10 each which total up to RM100 to the uncle to bring us to Floating Market and Tesco Lotus. It was rather worth it cause there's air-cond and we get to sit comfortably in the van and laugh at jokes the uncle made. And we did not get lost or get separated.

So Day 1 evening was Floating Market day. Before you get to the floating boats, you can already see rows and rows of shops selling awesome stuff like snacks, accessories, knick knacks and clothes.

Mandatory first picture before everyone went in their smaller groups

Boyfriend and I

Fresh Lotus

Fried Quail Eggs- Swee Win's favourite!!!

Bugs galore

choosing sunnies
 Finally the boyfriend bought one sun glass after searching for it in Bangkok, Penang, Phuket and Hatyai.
My favourite part of the day!! Choosing accessories


Spoilt for choice and ended up bought a little only. Brrrr

Can you see tiny boats behind us?

Ah Yau center of attention cause so tall!!!!
Boyfriend and I with Diana and a dog photo bombing us
Food sold on boat

Clay cups

each got one. SUPER EXTREMELY SWEET drinks. Can get diabetes.


With Yi Lin

Roti Canai with condensed milk

Coconut ice-cream, really wanted the chicken but mum and boyfriend didn't like the ice-cream.
I didn't manage to get this chicken clay thingie from the shop as boyfriend and mum didn't like the coconut ice-cream. So we decided to walk around the area and found this shop!!! ALL CLAY CUPS AT THB10. Which is RM1. Shouldn't have bought so much of the drinks till I get sick from the over-sweetness. All because we want that cup. So I got my chicken clay thingie from this shop. Happy. They sell lights and other awesome clay stuff too. I think if you have a big house, you should consider the stuff here cause they look pretty nice and it's pretty cheap.

Siew Mai. No meat one, only skin. -.-

After we nom-ed so much. Boyfriend, mum and I decided to slowly walk back to the van area and rest. Cause I was getting sick from the sweet food. Next, we head on to Tesco Lotus.

After buying what we need like lays and interesting sweets, we went to have our dinner (only mum, boyfriend and I). And we had ice-cream there. This cost about RM11. Not bad. It's nice.

After that about 9.30pm Malaysian time, our van driver came and got us back to hotel. We rested and bathed and change before heading out for supper. I skipped supper except for a few sausages and bought some stuff from 7-11.

Note: Check out prices of chocolate (especially Snickers and Ritter Sport) in 7-11 and Watson before you buy any from department store or Tesco. From what I see during my trip, chocolate are cheaper in 7-11 and Watson compared to the department store. Can cost easily up to 2x the price in department store.

Snickers are mad cheap in Thailand, like THB20 in Hatyai for the long one that cost about RM3.80 in Malaysia. Almost half the price!!!

Humungous prawns. To see, not to eat. =P Cause mad expensive.

That's the end of day 1. Some of my friends went for massage while some just go back to the room and slept the night away. More coming up on Day 2 and Day 3.

Note also: Go to Lee Garden's Boots and look at the toiletries like lotions and hair products and tooth paste. Some can be 1/2 the price of that in Malaysia.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Two weeks ago in Ping Ping's life

Many has happened for the past two weeks. In fact, so much has happened, it felt like it has been months since I last online properly. After my proposal presentation (which went well, thank you for your prayers and thank God), I came back to prepare for VBS.

Then I went off from Tuesday to Friday to help my lecturers out in their conference in Park Royal. So 3 days of non-stop eating buffet and running around Park Royal. We got to stay in this home stay which was pretty good and quite near to the hotel area. We missed our 2nd anniversary cause I was there in Park Royal the whole time. Anyways, after that, I came back, rested for half a day and then started preparing for VBS again.

The following Monday, I was in church doing the final touch up on crafts and some decoration. On Tuesday, it was a full blast decorating session and cutting frenzy cause Wednesday is THE DAY! From Wednesday to Saturday, I woke up at 7am to go to church for VBS. I have 6 kids with me this time around, 4 of which were VERY EXTREMELY QUIET and two of which were 5 years old, spoke little English AND SUPER CUTE!!! So I didn't have much problem taking care of them as I am quite fierce. =P Pao had nightmare though. She had one 5 year old who is very cheeky and hyper.

So after that, went out for furniture hunting, came back, rested a while and went for Alice's farewell ='(. Then got home, watch some television and fell asleep. Next day was church day, makan day and then went to get my Christmas present. Che got me a Samsung S3 for Christmas, a little early but I mad love it!!!! I am a happy girl. The boyfriend got one too so now we are having couple phone again.

This morning we decided to go to the stadium to jog and walk a bit. It has been a while. When we first got together it was all makan and movies. Then we became housemates and it was all show on computer and cooking. Now it's time to incorporate some exercising in our routine. =P He says it'll be a daily thing. I hope I can survive this!!! So my goal for this year is to lose 8kg before Christmas!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On Hold

Hatyai's post and other posting waiting to be posted must be put on hold for the time being.

Going off to help lecturers out in a conference. =( I want my break and my time to do stuff. Will be busy for the next two weeks running around. Then I'll come back to pull my hair for my dissertation. Pray for me please. Don't just wish me luck or all the best. Need PRAYERS!!!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hatyai Day 1

Planned for this trip like 2 months earlier. Went with the girls, my boyfriend, Nana's boyfriend, my mum and Win's mum. Yes, I brought my boyfriend and mum to the same trip and imagine how awkward it is to sleep in the same room with them.. HAHA But the boyfriend is ever so accommodating and takes good care of both me and my mum. Thinking of it makes me want to buy him his digimon. No..not really.

Anyways, I shall write down our itinerary because I think it's quite essential especially when you are going in on a Friday and you don't know what to expect or what to do there. Mine has always been a 2 day 1 night trip but this time around, we decided for a 3 day 2 night trip since we have a holiday. And yes, I bravely went there one week before my proposal presentation. No regrets though.

Day 1
We left Penang at about 6am, got into a horrible human traffic in both Malaysian immigration and Thailand immigration but managed to get out of it quick enough because we have awesome van drivers.

And at about 11am our time, which is about 10am their time we reached and checked into Asian Hotel. Mad love, super near the malls, has newer and nicer rooms than Lee Garden and serious, I love this hotel every since I went there few years back. Will definitely go back again cause it's very convenient and nice. Not too expensive either, about RM110/night.

Note: We booked using

Thank God for safe journey and super keng van driver cause we managed to arrive early and the hotel has rooms for us to check it as early as 10am!!! Was mad happy cause I was so tired after my futile attempt to sleep early the night before. Another group of people whom we saw at the borders reached about 1 hour and had to wait another hour for rooms.

So after we were done with resting and fussing over our rooms, we walked to the next road to the mall beside Lee Garden for our lunch. Sizzlers for our first meal, a girl could splurge a little right? Especially when she has her mum with her. =P Born cheapskate.

Interesting hotel card

My favourite girls in the whole wide world

First meal. Don't ask me why both our mummies are standing with Yi Lin!

Pretty and colourful hair pins. Mad expensive though.

Just cause Swee Win says it's the OLDEST BOOKSTORE OKAY?

Mad cute!!! Boyfriend didn't tell me. =(

Psy waiting next to our hotel for buyers.

 V neck, bright colours. CONFIRM FOR GAY LOR, according to the list given la.

Then we went back room to nap and rest till 5pm! Will update that on another post! =)

A time to celebrate


Presentation is over. Only had ONE lecturer during my presentation so only got like very little feedback. However, it's okay. I am happy. She didn't say I'm AWESOME but she did say my presentation was clear so I anyhow make that as SUPER AWESOME..ok la, kidding. I did normal.

So, with that, I have been lying on the bed, reading my novels for the past hour, will get up, write SOME blog post on hatyai and schedule it ALL over and then fix my blog and then I'll watch some movie, clean my room and WALAO TALK LIKE I GOT WHOLE DAY LIKE THAT.

Really, I only have another 3 hours maybe? before I go to bed so yea, we'll see what I can do in that mere 3 hours. Judging at how I tend to be distracted and do other things, I assume not much. But not much is better than none. So I shall embrace that.

Putting this penguin picture up reminds me of how bulat I am getting so Diet Starts Tomorrow 2nd November 2012. Serious!!! ^^