Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wedding Planning #3

I think I am a pretty chill bride. Well, at least up till this point. My fiance is also a pretty chill groom. We have yet to do our slideshow (surprise surprise) but we have already informed most of our helpers and got them to start working on their task.

I have yet to talk to my chief decorator T_T so my final colour theme is not specified yet although I am going for gold, champagne and maybe blush pink. I was looking at gold, champagne and a little pastel green/turquoise/mint (which I loveeeee) but according to my friend cum decorator, our church has red chair. So that combination does not go well with the chair. So I had to resort to blush pink to at least blend in with the chair. Sads.

So colour will be something like that but with lighter pink. I am still unsure about the colour though cause I really like turquoise or mint. Will need to meet my friend before I can do anything so it is driving me crazy a little that she is so busy. T_T

Apart from that, we have set the date for pre-wedding shoot. A lot of people are doing it 6 months before their wedding but we are only doing it 4 months before the wedding. Too positive thinking? Risk taker much?

Basically what we have done as of today are (not according to order):-
1.booked venue
2. booked pre-wedding and set dates
3. booked AD photographer
4. booked AD make up artiste for family
5. decided on caterer for some light refreshments
6. taken Save The Dates photos
7. invited friends via FB
8. asked friends if they are able to help us
9. exercise and try to lose weight for the big day
10. booked our ROM dates
11. attend some marriage counselling
12. set dates to do our nursery duty
13. recruit our bridesmaids and groomsmen
14. designed and ordered our wedding band (the rings)
15. recruit our flower girls
16. find some friends to sing some songs
17. find our MC

We have not:-
1. went for ANY wedding dress fitting
2. decided on the songs we want
3. done the slideshow
4. decided on what passage for our sermon
5. decided on the worship songs
6. planned out the flow of the morning reception
7. planned out the flow of the night reception
8. chosen or printed our wedding invitation card
9. taken our pre-wedding photos
10. done our guest lists
11. done our food testing
12. bought shoes for the wedding
13. planned the colour theme or decor
14. found a place to move into

OK! I'm going to stop here cause if I continue, I will get anxiety attack again. T_T Need to start cancelling things out of our list! Tomorrow I'm going to sit down with my fiance and write down what we have not done and then work on it one by one.

One step at a time huh? Planning a wedding is not easy. Planning a wedding under a tight budget is even harder. But am glad my fiance is someone who takes initiative. Only occasionally I need to give him a light nudge and he will be moving. PHEW. So.....that's all for my wedding planning updates. Will need this to remind myself of this experience. =)

5++ more months to go. Seems like we really need to start moving. =P

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Wedding planning #2

So 6 months after the previous post, 7 months after the proposal and 7 months to go before the wedding, we have got the big tickets all down. We have booked our venue, started our marriage counselling and signed up for bridal package.

We have also chosen our bridesmaids and groomsmen, snapped our save the dates and started informing people.

We are still choosing our colours, finding inspiration for decor and that's about it. We have not done much apart from that. This month will be the slideshow month. We have discussed and decided to get it done earlier so that we can edit and improve on the version along the way. It's better than do it last minute. Besides, my fiance is off to KL every Saturday and it's difficult to sit down together and do it. And he is the creative one.

As of now, we are busy with work and trying to lose some weight (tough one). The planning is not driving us crazy yet. ^^