Friday, May 31, 2013

Dsparkles Going LIVE

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Bad Customer Service

And these people are doing SERVICES OKAY?

Mad angry with these people. If you can't deliver, don't promise. What's with all the delay in refunding and then going into MIA when it's time to refund? Rest assured, you will soon lose business like this. Not only cannot settle my problems, refund also cannot return. Please, don't do services if you CAN'T PROVIDE SERVICE.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Garage Sales in Penang

The boyfriend is moving to a new place (on his own yay!) in August and this time around, he is not going to share with anyone. So that means I can make the whole place comfortable and nice. However, it is not furnished. So we have to look for all the furniture needed. It's still early now but hey, August will come without you noticing it okay?

I think I am the only excited one cause I am trying to avoid doing my work. Which I should get to like NOW!

Anyone who has any information of any garage sales, please buzz me. Thank you very muchie.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pre-planned surprise or forced-plan surprise?

Reposting this from Facebook.

My favourite past time? Trapping the boyfriend to surprise me..How?

Me: sure planning something in secret already!!! I am so excited!!!

Him: *looking puzzled* Huh? What?

Me: gai lo..act dumb some more.. I am so excited!!!!

Him: now I have to plan a surprise T.T

And he kept saying, You always like that one. You simply talk one!! And I kept ignoring him and say that I am excited. Poor boyfie.

Work is piling up so I am attending to them one by one tho I really should work faster. =x

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Big Bonus

I went to Sunday School this morning and I had to help out with the kindy since only one teacher left there today. Most of them were out of town or away.

I've always been in the standard 1-3 and the only problem we have there are chitty chatty kids. And maybe some blur case ones who look at you as though you are talking gibberish. So going into the kindy was a bit different cause the students are wayyy cuter. Like a 6 year old answering you definitely cuter la sorry older kids, I love you too. =P

So after like 30 minutes into the class, a boy said he wanted to go to toilet. So I asked if he knows how to get there himself. He said no, so I walked him to the toilet (not really, he seemed like he knew his way, so I walked him halfway and decided to go back to class cause I have 4 more kids to control). Thinking back now, I shouldn't have. Ok, no more such mistake.

Anyway, 2 minutes later, he came back, and told me, "Teacher, I mm mm in my pants."

And I was like O.O okayyyy....and said, "Go back to the toilet and wait for teacher okay?" and immediately signaled a more experienced teacher for help. I looked out of the class and saw droplets of little poo poo on the floor. So we had to clean up.

I rushed to the toilet to check on the poor boy. He stood quietly in the toilet. So I asked him to remove his shoes and socks and asked if he has stomachache. Poor boy said, "Teacher, no pain." So I said it's okay and removed his pants. Sprayed his bum bum. I asked if he wants to em em some more and let him do his business.

Then it dawn upon me. I am going to be a terrible mum and I seriously need training. Cause I almost puked when I had to wash off the poo poo from the pants. Thank God for another teacher cause she took it from me to wash. I cleaned the boy up and lent him new pants.

After that, I thought to myself, I will feel like puking when others do (even if I just hear it). I will feel sick if I smell something bad (like mm mm). I am bad to the point that if I enter a smelly toilet, I might come out without doing anything. And tell the boyfriend, "Baby, I can't." Initially he would go, "What do you mean you can't?" After a while, he finally knows my pattern and each time we would find a toilet high and low only to be greeted with me coming out and say I can't. Poor boyfriend. And he would be angry with me cause it's super unhealthy to keep my pee pee or poo poo in like that. T_T Sorry boyfie, I tried.

So I need more trainings. But that doesn't mean you should send your poo poo-ed child to me. Thank you.

So my big bonus today.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Little things that makes me smile

When you allow people to use your laptop to read his sports updates while you study.

Yep, one cheesy cheeky boy there. =)

****found this hidden somewhere in my old blog when I decided to import all my old post here****

I love

1. beautiful flowers like these

Snapped these in Bali. Bali is really a beautiful place. You can have hot, sunny beach at one end, and cool, breezy mountain tops and gardens like this on another. I am a more mountainy cool kinda person. Beach with thousands of tourist doesn't excite me much. But flowers, animals, sceneries gimme moar!!!!

2. gorgeous clothes

3. Kitchens

Like ANY kitchen decors I am looking at kitchens, pantries, library and all although I really cannot afford even to rent a proper house now!

We dream BIG aight?

I'm gonna go to bed now. Will update again SOON!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Homesick and Jackpot

It is a public holiday and I should be home!!!!

But no, I am here, don't know for what. =( I miss my che che. I didn't see her properly for few weeks already. Cause she is always flying!

Next week, next week I will pull her face to mine and stare at it for a long long time.

Anyways, while everyone else are having their short break, I am doing some work and getting them done as soon as I can. I've been getting weird dreams and through my dreams, my boss kept giving me work that we did not discuss earlier. And last night's was the worst. He wanted me to go to each and every taxi driver to interview them. WHAT?! Our research is on students going into higher education. Ask taxi driver for what? Thank God it is a dream.

So the above is about me being home sick. =P

Then.....about the jackpot. I am currently selling Thermomix, and two of all people (about 10 la) that I asked, JUST ORDERED it before I managed to ask them. Jackpot also not so easy kena, I kena two times!!! So unbelievable. So Thermomix is selling like HOTCAKES now!!

I better go and inform more people about it. Hot cakes hot cakes. Selling like hot cakes.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Practicality vs Romance

The boyfriend and I liked to joke about how we would response to a certain situation or remarks made by one another 3 years ago and how we would response to it now. We started aboutt 3 years ago, not quite yet. But we always felt like we have been together forever..

So two days ago, we had this conversation while I helped him to put on his bedsheet.

Me: Bii, you know why I am putting your bedsheet for you?

Him: hmmmm...Because you want to sleep on it?

Me: Correct!!! 3 years ago you would have said because I love you hahaha

It's amazing how much we know each other hahaha cause I am very cheeky so it is more likely that my answer is the practical one instead of the romantic one. Just to tease him.

But honestly, he is right. I was feeling ûnder the weather and needed a place to sleep but he removed his bedsheet to wash and left the new one on the bed. I HAD to change it.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Victoria Rossa with my girls

Before I got to this place, I have seen people taking nice photos and talking about it. Both my sisters been there but there were mixed response. My eldest sister simply loves it (just as how she loves everything English) while my second sister said there wasn't really much to shout about. She commented on the how the owner weren't exactly the friendliest one.

So when June recommended this place for our gathering since the girls are coming back from all over the world (like KL and Singapore haha) for the election, we said YES! Girls and hi-tea goes well eh?

June later told us that the owner said the private room can only fit 8 people and thus our big group of 12 will have to sit separately with 4 more sitting outside. It was absurd. Why would we want to go there together and then sit separately? We are not some rich tai-tais with 4 maids okay? We decided to still go and see what we can do. They also set a minimum of two sets of hi-tea since there were so many of us. Plenty of rules. =x Some were already having bad impression of the place.

I was the first to reach but was requested to sit at an empty table first as the customers in the room have not left. I don't mind one bit. What I mind though was how tiny their sign board is. It is so easily to missed it. I had to walk right up the door to know that I was at the right place.

Loved the wallpaper
And the chair
And the salt and pepper shaker.
We also presented Jen Jen her present.

We got the two sets of hi-tea to share among all of us and I ordered a juice as I am not a tea person. This one has a bitter after taste. Wasn't bad but wasn't anything great either. RM9 for a small bottle like this.

Petite knife and fork.
Our 4 pots of tea.

The three tier hi-tea set. If I still remember, the tart was just sweet, the cakes were just sweet. I like the scones though. Sandwich is just normal. But the scones is really good. Warm and soft

I'm a little tea pot, short and stout. =P
Me and the hi-tea set.

Then the girls surprised us with a cake. Mine was long over-due while Jen's was super early. I was surprised cause I thought it was only for Jen. ^^ Happy me. Hi cake with my name.
And then we started taking pictures. Since we paid so much for the food, we deserve some of these okay?

We also ordered the Chicken Pie and the Salmon. The chicken pie was alright at RM18 but the salmon was crazy overpriced. Such a small serving at RM30. I wouldn't order that if I ever go there again.

Another thing that I would like to comment on this place was that they only allowed us to refill our tea ONCE. And it's not like we only shared 4 pots of tea. We ordered extra pot with 4 other juices. Only Diana and her boyfriend shared a pot. The rest of us had one drink of our own. So it's quite absurd to tell us that we can only refill once.

I heard from someone saying that the owner said something about wanting customers who can appreciate tea and perhaps if we refill again, there won't be much taste left. But then again, how many really knows how to appreciate tea? And they don't give you extra cups. I don't know if I would go back there again (cause I like the scones) but I'll probably find scones somewhere else. Definitely won't go there with the boyfriend. He has problems with bad customer service. =P

One thing to note though, they did not scold us for making too much noise. And 10 girls and 1 boy sure make lots of noise.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Roasted Chicken with Onions and Potatoes

Was feeling a little under the weather so I was not keen in cooking too elaborately in the kitchen, even with Thermomix. I needed the rest more. So we got a whole leg for the boyfie and the thigh part for myself from the market. We asked the guy to deboned it for us.

I cleaned up the chicken a little and started marinating them.

10g Olive oil
a pinch of salt
a pinch of pepper
a dash of mixed spices

I mixed the these up and then pour them over my chicken. Rubbed it in. Then I took one potato (for the carbs) and washed it thoroughly to make sure there is no more sand left on the skin. Roughly cubed them, threw into the marinated chicken. Wedged the onions, threw it in as well.

Put them in the fridge and got the boyfriend to bake them when he wants to eat it. I on the other hand, went to bed for a nap.

Woke up to this.

I am not sure how long he baked them but you can bake them at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes? Make sure when you poke it, there's no more pink blood gushing out. But I think if you debone it, it is easier to cook? I don't know.

If you know me well, I did these without following any recipes cause I'm lazy like that. =P But it turns out good!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thermomix Fever!!

I have been using Thermomix for 8 months now and when you feel lazy to cook, it's great to see so many of your friends cooking with Thermomix and make such wonderful things that you want to do it too. Maybe cause I kiasu.

Anyway, suddenly I have several friends messaging me and contacting me to enquire about Thermomix as tomorrow is the last day before the price hike. I get messages from the most unexpected people!!!
***One moment you are up, the next you are down. Looks like I shouldn't count my eggs.***

Tomorrow I will talk to one of them. I can't wait to have more friends using Thermomix so that we can encourage one another to eat healthier, cook more, eat out less and at the same time, have more fun with family through cooking.

I/The boyfriend usually make the daily dishes on our own since the other would be busy doing work. But when it comes to making dessert or other fun stuff, we would always do it together cause we are both excited to see the outcome. I think cooking should be like this!

Sambal Udang Kering

Char Bee Hoon

Tomyam Stingray Curry

Fried bee hoon without dark soya sauce

Chocolate cupcake

Half boiled egg

Mother's Day butter cookies

Meat ball spaghetti with garlic bread

Friday, May 17, 2013

Labor Pain?

The video is of two guys who wanted to know how bad labor pain is so they went to the doctor to get the simulation of labor pain. Watch on. For men and women. For men to know that mothers are not exaggerating and women as entertainment. =P

My nightmare

Right after I wrote 'The Old Me' and decided to blog actively, I remembered that I need this to be recorded in my blog.

This was taken during my trip to Bali
 I have been showing people this side of my face when I am taking photographs and also hiding my other side behind hair or make up. That is because, while preparing for my thesis, I have very terrible pattern of sleeping. Like I sleep at 7am and wake up at 10am. And I was doing it for the entire week. Then on weekends I rush to teach tuition and Sunday school. It was madness. My facial routine was disrupted cause by the time I sleep at 7, I was too tired to go to the toilet to wash my face and put on my toner and moisturizer.

So after I submitted my thesis, I noticed that my complexion is horrible. I started getting these pimples or acne on my face. They are huge and they stay for weeks. I got very depressed but all I did was my own routine hoping that they will subside. Of course they did not. There were pus hiding underneath it and it was horrible!

Luckily Diana and I bought some vouchers for facial and I finally went to get my facial. After 3 excruciating hours, I came out looking like this. She squeezed most my of pimples out leaving them looking reddish but definitely much better. I immediately became RM600++ poorer as I need to fix my face. So I got some cream and signed up for another 4 facials.
I will be going for my facial again and I hope it will be better soon.

I went to

La Vie de Beauty
No. 45 Jalan Sungai Kelian
Tanjung Bungah, Penang 11200
016-445 4662 (Call Tue – Fri: 11am – 8pm / Sat – Sun: 10am – 7pm).

Will update with progress.

The Old Me

I think I used to be more interesting and exciting! I read my old blogs (yes, I just found one hidden somewhere) and I think I used to be less self-conscious and I blog about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. I used to blog more also.

Nowadays, when I am free, I just do nothing or I'll probably cook something or bake something but most of the time I lie on the bed and stare into space. I need more motivations. I have motivation in cooking/baking something special now that I have Thermomix but occasionally I get bored and lazy too.

I basically spend Monday with a little work here and there, Tuesday and Wednesday with work and night with Wolfpack Burger. Thursdays are usually lazy days which will continue up to Sunday (with a little work throw in on Saturdays and Sundays).

I am trying to be more discipline in my work and not laze too much. I basically need to give myself datelines to finish up work so that I actually get things done. I'm a little bored with working from home now. Maybe I should get a proper job. Or open a cafe!

I have my to-do list lining up today and I will be tackling them one by one today and hopefully by tonight I can clear them off and call it a day.

So you know what? I am going to make some efforts in blogging. Even if I have no readers T_T. I'll most probably not blog about my previous trip but I'll try. If I have nothing to blog then maybe some pictures may make their way in.

I'm gonna try harder! My cookwiththermomix blog is also er....abandoned.So lots to be done. Need to un-lazy myself. Been in this mode for wayyy too long.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Post-labour day

After enjoying my labour day yesterday with facial (and being RM600 poorer- you better look good, face), naps and food, I came back this morning to settle some post-graduation stuff like photocopying and certifying all the certs like the mean the world to me.

I went to get my transcript first and was sent to settle some "debt" with library. Got shock as I remember returning all my books and if I missed any, chances are, I can't find them anymore. Went to the library and found out it is the BOYFRIEND's book! Overdue for 3 months! Called him and he found the book.

Went to several offices to find an officer to certify my stuff but all weren't in. Got the book from the boyfriend *glare* and then went to the library to settle them. Managed to get some forms certified in Humanities school *kiss the school for ONCE they can do it*.

Paid for the fine and went back to IPS to get my transcript. And I have to go in again tomorrow cause I need to certify those transcript. THE BOYFRIEND IS SO GONNA KENA FROM ME. But poor boy has Viva so I kinda tak sampai hati scold him.

And I need to submit those certified stuff to my company to get my pay processed tomorrow!!! The boyfriend giving me headache!!!! Another day tomorrow!