Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CNY Clothes Shopping For Plus Sized

Shopping can be hard for plus size women. I myself has gradually moved back to the state where it's quite hard to get nice clothes from the mall. I vow to get it back down soonest okay? But I still enjoy my fair bit of shopping with some shops and also online shopping sites. I've tried a few shops and the quality is great and the price is reasonable so I'm gonna share here.

My CNY shopping haul. Hope you find it useful and can get some CNY clothes yourself. =)

Aishop sells good quality clothes that looks nice even on plus sized girls. At first I find the price a little steep for me since I'm not working so I chose only one dress and one pants and bought two lace camisoles for my sister. But when I received the items, THE QUALITY IS SO GOOD!!! I pay for RM70-80 I expect a quality that is worth that price. And they are!!

Cucucamber's stuff sold off QUICK. But now that she produces her own brand, she has more stocks in hand. Her price can be rather steep at times (again because I'm an unemployed student) but I've bought some clothes at RM30-ish from her and the quality is AWESOME! So good that I'm always seen wearing those few dresses. I love her coloured jeggings which are SUPER comfortable and she has lots of sizes, sizes up to 5xl. So you don't have to worry not be able to get the size you need.

Jessabella's clothes are a mix of I-HAVE-TO-HAVE-IT and NAH-NOT-GONNA-BE-SEEN-WEARING-IT. I think she has a very wide range of items and her quality is commendable. Not always top notch but rarely disappoints. Her price is also between a GOOD-BUY and a OK-BUY range.

Tesco. YES, you heard me right. Tesco. Tesco has been my go-to place to shop for clothes because honestly, there are some good finds there (especially plain singlets or tops). And they are not like RM5 cheap okay? There are dresses that can easily cost RM59. Of course there's a possibility that you may wear the same clothes as MANY other people who frequent Tesco. =)

FOS may not have the cheapest clothes (despite being rejected branded items =P) but you can sometimes find nice clothes there. Only if you can pay for the nice price tag as well. But I think RM50 for a decent dress is reasonable.

For those who love branded stuff, try Esprit. I am a size 14-16 and I could fit some of their tops and they are super comfy. But I'm again unemployed so I didn't get any from the shop. I cannot imagine asking my sister to pay RM60 for a t-shirt for me or RM200 for a blouse. But do it's extremely comfy that you'll just unconciously smile when you are wearing it. Serious! Check them out this CNY season as they have quite nice ones with nice price tag.

 Payless (1st Avenue)
I have huge feet. Size 8.5. Used to think that I'm size 8 but I think I've increased by 0.5. But no worries, if you are from Penang, drop by Payless at 1st Avenue. They display ALL their shoes of ALL sizes so there's no need to feel embarrassed to tell the salesman or saleslady you need a size 8.5. You can try as many shoes as you like and just put them back after that. The price is towards the higher end (about RM50-RM100) but for someone who cannot find shoes elsewhere, it's a great place to look for nice heels.

Brands Outlet
You can get clothes and shoes from Brands Outlet as well although the clothes is maximum size 14-16 depending on the cutting. I can fit some of their XL clothes. Shoes again are on display with all the sizes so go and try them on! Price is okay-ish which is about RM70 for two or RM80 for two. However, the shoes are not of EXCELLENT quality so bear in mind to get shoes that may spoil easily. And comfortable level is slightly lower as well.

Padini sells shoes of bigger size as well and there's always this discount cart with shoes as low as RM15. However, the comfort level is not very high. So do bear in mind that you may get shoes that hurt your feet. =P

Okay, enough of talking. Next up will be pictures of me in all my purchases and also the shops I bought them from!!!

With all these shops for plus size women, do look hard for good buys. Do not settle for the one that you can fit. Cause more often than not, it'll end up in the Give-Away basket when the following spring cleaning comes. Been there, DONE A LOT of that.

I might be going to Dorothy Perkins to look for a pair of jeans. Will blog about it if I get anything from there. No point telling you how good these things are if I don't try it myself.

ps: I WAS NOT PAID FOR ANY OF THESE OKAY? In fact I had to pay for them myself. (With postage some more, see, no free gift also. =P Ok la, in Aishop postage is free if you buy above RM150 heee)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Being Cheapskate

A week ago.

Me: *tag boyfriend on Facebook* Check this out. Buy 1 Free 1. You go get for me okay?
Him: Why me? We go together la.
Me: I have to rush dissertation and I got tuition la.
Him: Okok.

Him: *finds in his Facebook* Ok...I know the place already.
Me: What is it? Oh the Buy 1 Free 1 promo. You gonna go get it?
Him: Ya...Tomorrow I'll go.

Today, at about 4+, he went to get it. Came back with two drinks.

Me: What is it?
Him: Mango Yogurt and Bubble Gurt Fruit Tea. *takes the fruit tea* Hmmm...nice, got Jasmine taste.
Me: Is it? *takes a sip* *facial expression immediately changed* Walao. Your drink like a girl's drink. Got fruit, flowers and tea taste (Jasmine ma).
Him: Ya...
Me: Not nice right?
Him: Ya...not very nice.
Me: Mine nicer right?
Him: Ya.... *shy*
Me: Aren't you glad your drink has so much ice in it? Imagine the whole cup is filled with the tea. YUCK!
Him: A little bit.

HAHAHHAHA Hilarious. To his defense, it was supposed to be a fruit tea. And he kind of missed the word tea cause I can't take tea. So he has no choice but to swallow it *literally*.

Him: Do you want to try my drink?
Me: No...not really.
Him: But I want to try yours.
Me: Drink la.
Him: Come, let's exchange.
Me: Very smart. No!! You can drink mine but I don't want to exchange with you.

ps: Thank God it's Buy 1 Free 1. =P

Friday, January 18, 2013

Thank God to be born in Malaysia

I get distracted quite easily especially when I'm doing important stuff like assignments or dissertation (if you have not noticed from my frequent updates and sharing on Facebook). T_T Tak bertempat langsung. So in the midst of doing my dissertation, I will go around looking for videos, blogs, JUST anything to read and laugh over before continuing with my work.

So I was looking at pictures of Koreans doing plastic surgery. And some of them are beyond recognizable. I mean if I'm their friend and they come up to me after surgery, I'll probably walk away. What's up with the small chins?

Oh by the way, some said that Koreans do all these plastic surgeries to look more Caucasian and stuff. OPEN YOUR EYES BIG BIG. Where got look like Caucasian at all? Totally Asian okay? I notice Caucasian got more deep features like deep set of eyes, SUPER high nose, strong jaws and stuff. Asian beauties are all with very feminine and soft nose, small chin, big eyes but definitely not DEEP. So not Caucasian at all.

Anyway, I digress. Then I thought to myself. THANK GOD I'M BORN IN MALAYSIA. Cause if I'm born in South Korea, I'll probably be the ONLY one without plastic surgery and die ugly while others die hot. I don't tolerate discomfort (that's why I don't wear heels, complain about the treatment I have to go, never lasting exercise regimes). I cannot tolerate pain at all (until now dare not go take HPV injection cause scared of pain). How these people do it? I look at them, even without looking at how they look like immediately after the surgery, I also feel pain for them. Salute!

Off to finish up dissertation while browsing at the pictures.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thank God

for boyfriend who cleans house and cook lunch.
for boyfriend who will cook whatever you crave for because you are so stressed up.
and for Thermomix to cook the thing I want to.

T_T I can't wait for it to be over but I don't want time to pass faster. Because I've a WHOLE lot more to do.

I need a nap.


Burning Midnight Oil

Was complaining to my friend that it sucks to be the only one in the house who is still awake. The boyfriend is snoring loudly in his room I think. He has slept for 2 hours. =P Anyway, my friend (who stays 7 floors above me) replied with this

it's okay. haha. in desa u, got 3 people awake.
u, me n my sis haha
im not sure if pak gad awake cos i always see him sleeping lol
Can't wait for these sleepless nights to be over. During kindergarten, primary, secondary even until form 6 and undergrad, I never stay up whole night to do assignments. I usually get mine done much earlier and enjoy good night sleep while others have to work overnight. This time around, I have lost count of the number of nights I have to stay up. =(

Now, off to make some Milo.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ang mo Song

Was listening to some Backstreetboy song (not the right time to judge my song choice okay?).

They sang

You make me crazy cause you're one of a kind.

Suddenly I thought of how bad the meaning will change if it's being said by my aunt.

Cause it'll be "You make me crazy cause you're one kind".

HEHEHE...My aunt always say this person one kind, that person one kind one.

One kind means weird or peculiar, definitely not normal.


She one kind one la, ignore her.

Philips Air Fryer

You know what? In future, my house will be filled with AWESOME gadgets because old-skool cooking is not my style!!! And also cause it is healthier.

This, is next on my list. I know eating fried food is not healthy. But we do eat them occasionally and this machine will come in handy to ensure that we can get our fried food fix if we ever want it. And I love my Thermomix okay? Just that Philips Air Fryer does what my Thermomix can't. Which are just two things, deep fry and bake. I cannot survive with Philips Air Fryer alone but I can with Thermomix.

Ok, enough of explaining my loyalty to Thermomix. =P I want!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Listen, don't complain

Just got my draft from my lecturer and she is awesome!!! I mean she is very dedicated and I'm really blessed to have her as my lecturer and supervisor.

But receiving the draft also means lots of work!!! I have to get everything done by 21st. Yep, that's next Monday. So be warned that I'll be in this room, on this seat for a long long time. I appreciate her getting the draft ready for me so quick with such detailed comments. It must have taken her lots of time to do it. /touched.

So 6 days, lots to edit. Hope I can make it out alive.


ps: I can't complain now as some "great leader" says animals also got problem. We got no right to complain. DAMN SUAY!!!

Chinese emo songs

Me: Hmmm..need to find newer songs to keep me awake since I've been listening to the same songs for MONTHS!!!

*click* *click* *click* Chinese songs.

T_T Ended up still listen to songs from 2010. But better than my previous ones which are from 2008 or 2005. I think everything kinda stop at 2010. After leaving USM, cause no more leeching from neighbors.

Now listening to like 20 songs repeatedly. Hope I don't get nightmare tonight.

ps: Ever since I started listening to all these songs to accompany me late at night, I can occasionally start crying for no reason and think all emo stuff. Boyfriend blames ENTIRELY on the songs. =P But then, sometimes I don't even listen to the lyrics cause too busy reading and typing. It's just hormones and stress la. Please don't blame my songs.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Confused I am

I may not be a very political person, I don't follow the news, when I see numbers, I yawn. But please enlighten me. Maybe I'm not smart enough for all these "smart talk".

First they talk about how there shouldn't be any demonstration to cause chaos and tarnish the peaceful country of ours.

Then when people say that it's for our freedom of speech, to stand up for our rights, they say "If you don't like it here, then go somewhere else."

So someone just asked you to get lost, naturally, you don't smile at them and say OKAY and jump onto a plane. You reason with them that "No, leaving is not an option because this is MY country too."

And they go on to say that "You complain so much, leave la. Your forefathers were here as miners and rubber tappers and craps like that."

So some may say bad words and stuff and these people will tell you "Everything you have now is given to you by a special party."

Those who disagree will point out that there's taxpayers money involve in this whole giving out freebies and building stuff.

And then I saw some who says, "Taxpayers' money cannot afford all these okay? It's from these special party."

This is when I got confuse, is she implying that it comes from the special party's pocket?

Fine she says there's lots of buildings, we are already very good and stuff. Does being very good mean you don't strive to be better? Does writing a good essay mean you do not correct your grammar when you noticed it is wrong? I don't know.

What I know is, these people are telling us, freedom of speech and our rights is very selective. If you are choosing what they are choosing, you have all the freedom and rights. HEY IT'S OUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE OKAY?

But if you choose something else that's different from theirs, GET OUT OF THIS PLACE LA SINCE YOU DON'T LIKE IT SO MUCH, complain so much!

-.-" Automatically the freedom thingie and the rights thingie are not there anymore.

If this continues and they get their way where all those who dislike the current situation leave, their future generation will grow up in an environment where there's a problem, you walk away. When there's something you don't like, you walk away. You don't walk up to them and tell them, it's not right to steal, you walk away cause you don't like what you see. You don't walk up to your students and tell them not to make noise in the class, you walk out of the class, since you don't like it what?

I don't know, I may get the message wrong. But that's really what I feel. So do I get the freedom to feel?

ps: Stop asking people to leave just because they don't like what they see. It's very immature and childish. Stop chasing people back to countries that they weren't even born in let alone set foot in. We are born here and we belong here. You don't complain or wish for a change in a place or someone you hate, you only wish for those you love. Do you anyhow wish an empty hut to be nicer and be decorated? YOU DON'T! Cause it's not yours! You only support and wish that someone you don't like or a place you hate to deteriorate.

So who is the one loving the country now? Loving the country is not the same as loving the government okay? It's two different things. Stop mixing it up.

Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Resolution in Action

One of it only. Which is to exercise and lose some weight. With CNY coming soon, I kind of need that quick.

Mad love the boyfriend cause I've been very lazy. He'll think of a fun activity and even offers to do it with me but after one two weeks, I'll stop and he'll stop persuading. But then few weeks later, he'll think of something else and get me to do with him. It's really done out of love. Who would persistently try his best to find one that will suit you despite knowing that it's really just laziness?

Now my whole body aches from yesterday's workout. He is in the next room, snapping pictures for Dsparkles.

Check us out at

or shop with us at

or follow us on instagram at

After all these is over, I'll spend a month or two doing what I'm passionate about, blogging, cooking, baking and maybe turn my life around and dress up a bit more.

And also, rekindle my relationship with Him.

I can haz new banner

Boyfie doodled this for me when I asked him to make me a banner that reminds him of me. As you can see, There's a girl who walks in front and pull her boyfriend behind her. That's really me. I walk really fast on my normal pace. Then there's teddies, flowers, movies, popcorns, airplane, presents, my Thermomix, him chasing me, our potted plants. These are really what we do most of the time, except for him chasing me. There's car but the car is so much bigger than my little kancil. There's submarine and boat (which I don't know why they are there) and there's also lanterns. On our first Valentines, I had cg until like 8-9pm or something. And he wanted to surprise me. So he set up lanterns all over one of the hidden field in USM before fetching me.

He even paper folded flowers for me.

Ok. I got distracted and went to read my old blog HAHAHAHHA...

Back to work. Been watching lots of good videos on youtube lately. Will share. =)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bride's Special Dance

BEWARE!!! Tear inducing moments ahead. No joke.

Bride's Special Dance from LaFrance Films on Vimeo.

This video is about the bride, who lost her father to cancer the year she was about to get married. So she couldn't have her father-daughter first dance. Her brother sang her this song while she took turns dancing with her grandfather, her two brothers and finally her father-in-law. Cried in this one.

On the side note, saw another video,

Same, got me so touched, I cried. The boyfriend thinks it's too cheesy though. I just find it so awesome to have great speeches, people who really cared at your wedding. Who actually cries with you. And not some aunty I've not met before who only cares about the food on the table. My only wish is that my wedding is filled with people who cared about me and my wedding. People who love Daniel and I and sincerely wants to be there to be happy for us. I've only been to a few weddings and I cried at Pao's (for obvious reason), and felt touched for my cousin's though I'm not close to her at all.

I wish to have lots of people who care and who helped in my wedding. Really. Oh well..too early to talk about it I guess.

Food I've attempted to cook

I find myself quite impressive..if I were to go overseas, I think I can time to get some local delicacies recipe into my recipe file..
Made tortilla wraps. Slightly thicker as we did not roll it out thinly.

Suddenly had the urge to make Lemon Yogurt Cupcake and went out to buy yogurt and lemon. Taste wise is okay but slightly dense. I am not sure if it's cause I overmixed it or if it's cause I anyhow dump two bottles of yogurt though recipe ask for 250ml. =P Mine total was 280ml.

Made Muar Chee. Gave Jen Jen the recipe and she made it too. Mad proud of myself.
Made Christmas cookies. Did not manage to make to give out as I was so busy!!!!   

  Basically these are what I've made, I think I have more but yea...overall, I made quite a bit of stuff with Thermomix. Kinda fun. Things I would not have done otherwise. Boyfriend is baking more bread too. Love him for his enthusiasm in cooking with me. And his ability to finish up the food. What's the point of cooking if you can't finish it right? Also, we need to start thinking about sharing =P

Unwanted Gifts

Hi Dissertation,
Thank you for your belated Christmas and New Year gift of little pimples all over my face. Now take them back..I'm serious!!
Result of lack of sleep and....maybe I should change my pillow case.. what? I am busy okay?
ps: just found out that blogging through phone is kinda convenient hehehe
pps: This post took me almost a whole week to post it up!!! HAHAHA...I shall attempt to blog from phone more often. Just to see if it gets better.

Kenny and Nude Wedges

Kenny Rogers Roaster was having this Red Day and the boyfriend and I decided to go there for our dinner since it' buy one free one. He has had a tough day in studio so a good pick me up dinner will be great for him. So we drove down to 1st Avenue to get ours. We assume the one in Queensbay will have long queue with USM students and whatnot.

When we reached, there's quite some people in front of us but they are all in big groups. So the guy told us that we can go in first cause there's table for two. YAY! So don't go in big groups. =P Just kidding. We are #foreveralone that's why we rarely go dinner with friends.

I did not take picture of the food but the boyfriend did. Will get the picture from him tomorrow morning. But I have two pictures of us sipping our drink (can't even remember the name) and wearing all red. Love it.

After a satisfying meal, we walked around at 1st Avenue. I actually wanted to go there to shop a bit for CNY as well. But the day before I got myself two tops from Brands Outlet so no more clothes this time around. I went to Payless (which I love going cause all sizes are on display and they have sizes for huge feet like mine). I tried on some heels but couldn't bare the pain so I went looking for wedges instead.

Scored this nude wedges at RM89. I know it's not exactly cheap (for me) but I don't buy many shoes. I probably buy like one a year or the most 2 last year and I still have them for CNY since I did not wear them for Christmas. I have huge feet and I only wear my mum's shoes. =P She buys, I wear. I can never shop for my own shoes cause ALL HURTS. Especially heels/higher shoes. To date, I have only 2 high heels which are really mine. And this is the third. Love the buckle cause it's huge enough. I usually don't buy shoes with buckle cause it's such a hassle to put them on. But I'm loving these.

Many people likes it and comments that it's nice. So yay to me!! The boyfriend paid RM50 for it though. I've been spending wayyyy too much. NEED.TO.STOP. Online shops stop putting up nice clothes!!!!!

ps: I need a part time job. You may sponsor me plus size clothings or other products too!!! I don't mind. I really don't! Until of course I lose weight and stop being plus size.

pps: My complexion is going downhill now. If you want to show super huge effect, I can lend my face. Provided you got super good products la!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dr Jia Jia & Big Brother

I've watched quite a few of their videos. Loved the Tiger Mom ones.

But this one is by far the funniest. And it's also very original too. At least too me. I've not read or heard this elsewhere. If you have, you power lo, antenna long lo, your friends very funny lo... =P Happy boey?

This video got me laughing so hard. So I'm sharing.

Unending Battle

This battle with my dissertation has been going on for so long I'm losing my mind over it.

It's like after you submit a draft, you have to work on it even more because you don't know what is coming back to you and you need to edit it within a short period of time.

And it's like it'll never be good enough and you doubt your title till the last day.

And it starts to give me sleepless nights and lots of pimples.

T_T I want this to end quickly! I need to be happier.

Thank God I know HE is in control.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Love is NOT just a feeling

I was having casual chats with the boyfriend in the car one day. I chat a lot =P

Me: Bii, will you still love me like 5 years from now?
Him: Why? Of course I'll still love you 5 years from now.
Me: How about 10?
Him: YES!! Why you like to ask questions like this?
Me: No, just wondering cause many people got married and then divorce. So I'm worried la. What if one day you realize you got no feelings for me anymore.
Him: I told you many times already. Love is not about feelings. Cause feelings can change. But love is a commitment. The day I asked you to be my girlfriend, I've committed myself to you.
Me: What if got one hot girl comes along, very kind and don't simply tickle or whack you? Will you fall for her?
Him: I will not even let her try to come near me. I will let her know that I'm attached and will stay attached and she can go talk to other guys.

And I believe that's what keeps a marriage together, don't you think so? I mean I know feelings change (otherwise why would I ask him the question right?) But time and time again, he reminds me that yes, feelings can change, if you allow it to change. If you allow someone to walk into your life, and show you the flowers and butterflies and all the sweet things in life, feelings will definitely change. Like it or not. Love takes effort. Love is commitment, love is an ongoing project. The moment you tell yourself I don't have to work for and in my relationship, that is the day love slowly fades. Love is constantly letting your other half know that you care and you are in this together. It is not a battle between two.

Love is not happy days every day. Love is not smooth sailing with flowers and chocolate. Love has its down days. It is how you pick it up. How you avoid feelings from changing?

1. NEVER let anybody come into your life to tell you that love can be chocolate and flowers and honey and bees. Of course unless your boyfriend or husband whacks the crap out of you and NEVER show any love la. Cause 10 years down the road, if you keep the same mindset, feelings will still change.

2. ALWAYS work on your relationship, on your problems. We talk, we cry, we fight, we throw things. And then we say sorry and we make up. If you don't fight and you keep everything inside, IT WILL EXPLODE.

3. Marriage is not the end of a relationship, it's the beginning of another phase of your relationship.

4. ALWAYS keep it fresh. Do new things together. Go new places together. Be interested with one another's life.

5. NEVER say I give up until you actually try! Cause without trying, there's nothing to give up.

6. Marriage is not just a document, a paper you signed. Marriage is a promise. That you are in this together. That no matter what happens in the future, you will not face it alone. That you commit yourself to work on this marriage till the day you die.

That's really just my opinion. Although I'm not married yet, I believe in setting the heart and the mind right. Otherwise why waste time quarreling with someone and sharing with someone when it's going to end up with a lost feeling anyway.

ps: of course I know what the boyfriend will answer but I ask him all the time =P