Monday, July 29, 2013

Sore Throat Revisited

It has been a while since I last had sore throat. It all started on Saturday evening after the dinner. Probably due to the heaty stuff I had the whole Saturday while accumulated and transformed into sore throat. Anyways, swallowing is a tough job now.

And I'll be going down to KL tomorrow. Hope everything turns out okay. When swallowing is hard, it is hard to talk too. And if I get chosen to go to the front and talk, it'll be a torture!!!! Praying hard to heal although a small part of me wishes that this sore throat will make me be excused from going to the front but I think....fat chance. So I better get well to face the training tomorrow.

Now time to pack some stuff and then spend some time reading!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Organising and Budget Tips in Malaysia

I am a big fan of blogs who share organising tips at very low budget. However, in Malaysia, some organising stuff are rather pricey.  And we dont have a container store which I will surely love! Anyways, I stumbled upon these great glass canister in Tesco for only RM1.90. It's of great thick glass especially for RM1.90, it's a definite score.

I've seen tiny ones at RM1 and the quality isn't even half as good. So if you are looking for some glass canisters to store flour,sugar or even irresistable cookies, better hurry up over to Tesco for that fix. Usually prices of these containers are super low approaching the festive season. Last year, it was this cheap too during the Hari Raya sales. Love them!

So you can now organize your kitchen with similar canisters at low low price.

UPDATE: RM0.99 only on the 25th July! Go and grab them! 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Minion Craze

Minion craze struck the country with fans lining up as late as 12am and as early as 6am to get hold of their very own minions. For the first batch, it was quite easy to get hold of it. Come 2nd batch, I went to the nearest McD which is just below our apartment at 11am to be told that they sold out all toys the night before.

Then for the 3rd batch, the boyfriend woke up at 6.30am to line up but ended up with 4 of the same design cause the other design was sold out. Now some may think I am like many other girls who wants this minions so bad that the boyfriend has to wake up wee hours in the morning to get it. And when he couldn't, we went at 6pm to another branch which was rumoured to restock their minions. Surprise, surprise, I wasn't exactly dyinggggg to have them. I was rather neutral about it. I wasn't crazyyy bout it and I am even less encouraging about waking up at 6.30am just to line up for it. I rather sleep. I am not complaining bout the free McDs tho (until I have to eat 2 sets and then the thought of eating 2 more makes me sick).

Anyways, the boyfriend was the one who wants to have the collection so badly. He said that it will be his last time to do such crazy act as he is going to start work soon. So I let him. Why argue with a big boy? Anyways, just got him to get a MyDeal deal where he purchased 6 minions (thank God are those that we missed) at RM59. Easy peasy, no need to wake up at the wee hours and stuff our face with burgers and English muffins and pancakes just for the toys. Or even put ourselves at risk to get into a fight with other angry and impatient patrons. Win-win situation!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


More and more people are beginning to know about Thermomix and more and more people I know seems to own one too. Previously, when I found out my friends' mum got it from someone else, I was a little crushed. Cause my friends (close ones) know I am doing Thermomix so to know that their mother bought from others is a little disappointing. Then I realised there is no point being sad about it. So I started to look at the other side of the coin. At least now more people know about it and perhaps those who were not convinced earlier will now be.

So I've been doing demos with Pao and the response has been encouraging. I've decided to TRUST the Lord to do miracles. I do my demo, I do my part and let God do the rest. Whether they purchase or not, it doesn't matter. Cause I've done my part and maybe one day they will. I am doing Thermomix full time now as I am sure it can give me the flexibility and the income I need for my family. So I pray to God and ask him to reveal if this is what He wants me to do. The flexi hours really will give me time to do other stuff other people who are doing full time job can't. I really hope this is His plan cause I am liking this plan. But if it is not, then He must have better for me.

I am still pursuing this now. I will continue to pray for Him to reveal to me.

So while waiting, more demos?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Negativity

I try not to show this part of me on facebook cause I don't want to be judged. But at least I have a blog that is bot famous that I can write on and rant and then go to bed and not have to worry that I will wake up to a I-used-to-like-you-but-you've-changed kinda comment. Don't know how the famous bloggers do it..where do they vent their anger and frustration.

Today is a day where everything goes down the drain somewhere in the morning and then had a neutral point and then went down again. Sometimes all I want is just support and encouragements from people close to me,people who really matters..but time and time again,it felt like they matter to me but not me to them. Sucks big time. And I hate that I am so dependent to a point that it makes me hate myself. And I hate to think that the only person I can and really should trust, rely and depend on is myself. Cause it is not true!!!God is my refuge. But arghhhhh hate this negativity so much I want to cry but that will lead to more questions that I really don't need now. =((((

Monday, July 1, 2013

Dark Horse Training

Last Friday and Saturday, I attended a training by my company in KL. We chartered a bus down to KL and had two fruitful days of training. Initially I was a little reluctant cause I heard that the trainer who is also our director and has trained A LOT of people is kinda fierce. But Pao encouraged me to go and learn. So I did. Thank God she can join me in the end and we both signed up for it. It was tiring but we did learn a lot so all is well.

Two of my major major major problem is my self-confidence and my time management. These are extremely crucial in my line now so these are the two major problems that I need to overcome. I've never been the brightest or the prettiest in the family. There is no need to fight to be the best cause I have a sister who has been the best so I'm just tagging along and whenever someone needs the best, I kind of take a step back and hide.

Before anything happens, my mind will always be filled with 'What Ifs'. And the 'What ifs' are never the good ones. What if I suck at it? What if I can't? And it's ALWAYS negative. I've rarely got the "I can do it man! I nailed it! I'm the best!" kinda thoughts. So I need to have positive thinking. I have God, who is ABOVE ALL to be with me, and here I am thinking that I cannot do this or that. Of course I can't. But He can!

So good training, recharged but at the same time drained of all energy. :) Anyway, changed my perspective on direct sales. It is also a job. It's like you work as a sales person. But the more effort you put in, the more you reap. Unlike normal job where you need to work to prove your worth to keep the job. I have another month to work hard and make this my career before the whole entire family starts to bash me for not having a "proper" job by their standard. People don't approve what that is different from them.