Wednesday, September 24, 2014

3rd Day into the new semester

I've dayre-ed it but I still like to occasionally type something in my blog. I try to keep it alive ok? I try.

Anyway I've been feeling rather tired since last night and it's just day 3 of week 1. I have 13 weeks and 2 days to go. I taught 10 hrs the past 3 days so I have another 6 to go for this week. I think part of the reason of me being this tired is that I've personally interacted with over 240 people in these few days and it is draining me out.

I love teaching because it is always something new and you learn and you have fun each time. My students always make me laugh. Now the problem is also that you have to be excited or energetic most of the time in the class. Otherwise it will be boring for the students. This week is the first week so a lot of introductions, remembering names and laughing. I hope as the week goes by I will adapt to it and maybe not have to use so much energy.

But I'm like so tired and lethargic before class but the moment I enter I kind of feed on others' energy and then be energised. At the end though I leave feeling slightly exhausted.

Next week I will also have an interview so....I don't like interviews if you do not know already.

Besides those, these 3 days were made better with few incidences.

#1. The guard mistook me as a student and stopped me from parking at the lecturer's slot. Which is fun at my age now. I was mistaken as student by lecturers and admin staffs when I first came.

#2. I bumped into many of my ex-students.

#3. Students always acted like their usual self without noticing me there. I kind of blend in with their friends since I have been early for each class and stood with them to wait for the previous lecturer to leave. For few times they were happily chattering away until they saw me and got shocked. Because they thought I was just another student in that room.

#4. I bumped into one ex-student and he greeted me. He was like "Hi Miss...Ch'ng Ping Ping." I smiled. His friend called him a liar cause his friend didn't believe I am a lecturer. He told me and I smiled to his friend. Then his friend looked at me and finally realised that I could be a lecturer since I did not say no and smiled sheepishly.

At 26 years old, you take all the "you look like a student" remarks as compliment and bask in them for as long as you can ok? I am already 7 or 8 years older than them. Soon I will be 10 years older than the students there. Must enjoy this while I still can.