Tuesday, November 26, 2013

House Hunting continues

We brought Daniel's mum to the 70sqft house and she said no. She didn't like the toilet as it was too small. She said she has to walk backwards to enter the toilet.

Anyways, then she said that we should get one that is nearer to my working place so that I don't have to endure traffic jam every day. So we finally found one that the size is good for us and his parents like.

Nothing is confirmed yet but I am happy with that house! Thank you Lord for bringing us to this house.

Friday, November 1, 2013

House Hunting

So we have been house hunting for a while now but not actively looking yet. We've seen a few houses. So far I've seen one that I like it more than the others but I don't love the location. Anyways, the house was sold.

Yesterday the boyfriend and I went to look for another one and let's just say I am okay with the location but I would love to have a slightly bigger one. The condominium opposite is 900sqft but also RM125k more expensive.

The one we saw is 700sqft. I am OKAY with the house but it is definitely not my dream house. And whatever that I envisioned my house to have..let's just say with that house, I can't have it. But...the price is a hugeeee factor here. With the unimpressive size, it's already almost RM400k. If I were 4 years older and I knew Daniel 4 years ago, I think I would be able to get a better one 4 years ago. With the current price, I could have gotten a 1000sqft one 4 years ago.

I cannot complain to Daniel cause it will break his heart and makes him feel that he couldn't provide. It's not him. I just dream too much. =(

House hunting SUCKS! =P