Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wedding Planning

It is about a month and a half after the proposal. We have to finalize our wedding venue as many places are booked already.

No joke I tell you. You have to look at the price, then the venue, then the stage, then the overall feel. I also take into account the amount of parking space as I don't want my guests to not have place to park. Also, location. And then at the end....after you like everything, you got to look at the price again.

We both are on the same page that we are willing to spend on the wedding but not to the point that we cannot afford it. So after we are settled with the venue, we will have to look at wedding photographers, live band, the gowns (headache), make ups and all.

We are thankful that his church friend is willing to help us with pre wedding photographs. At least then we don't have to fork out RM2-3k for it in the studio (that's usually how much it costs I think). And another friend said ok to taking videos for us so can save another RM3k on videography. We will pay them but at least they won't expect us to pay so much.

So those money can be put into a better location although I have to go and hunt for gowns and make ups and hairdo on my own. I think for the finger food for the morning wedding reception we will also try to source cheaper options.

One step at a time yo.