Saturday, April 4, 2015

Wedding planning #2

So 6 months after the previous post, 7 months after the proposal and 7 months to go before the wedding, we have got the big tickets all down. We have booked our venue, started our marriage counselling and signed up for bridal package.

We have also chosen our bridesmaids and groomsmen, snapped our save the dates and started informing people.

We are still choosing our colours, finding inspiration for decor and that's about it. We have not done much apart from that. This month will be the slideshow month. We have discussed and decided to get it done earlier so that we can edit and improve on the version along the way. It's better than do it last minute. Besides, my fiance is off to KL every Saturday and it's difficult to sit down together and do it. And he is the creative one.

As of now, we are busy with work and trying to lose some weight (tough one). The planning is not driving us crazy yet. ^^