Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Paid RM2.60 for it to keep me awake throughout the night. In the end, Redbull sat on my table from 10.30pm to 5.30am cause I went to bed at 10.30pm. Wasted my money. But nevermind, decided to take it when I woke up at 5.30am to do work cause I'm still mad tired.

Walao, don't know how people can drink it. I mean it taste nice, but it gives me this headache like the one I got after drinking a whole cup of over-sweetened lychee at floating market in Hatyai. I think it's the sugar. Too much that it makes me feel sick. Once I'm done with this whole presentation thing, I'm gonna blog about Hatyai, every bit of it!!!

Just let me get over with this presentation okay? Lots of things to do and so little time!!!!! Thank God for awesome supervisor though. Helped A LOT! I know it's God's blessing. He knew what is best for me and prepared this path for me to get to know this lecturer better and work under her. And because He has helped me in this, I have faith that He will pull me through. Just gotta finish up my part, present and let Him take over! Now, let me continue with my work so that I can nap at 10 or 11 later.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Queen of Procrastination

I can sit in front of my computer whole day and not get anything done. It's supposed to stress me out and push me to do my work but I don't know why this time around, it's not as effective. Used to be able to churn out 5-6 pages of stuff in just one sitting (until 3am). 5-6 pages is A LOT since there's a lot of reading and digesting to do before I can write anything.

This time around, just one paragraph is taking me whole day!!! This is bad!! I need to get every information done so that I can do my slides when I'm back from Hatyai on Sunday. Monday I will have to meet my lecturer and face her fury. Ok la, she's very helpful and nice, seriously.

Totally freaked out. So today, I decided to delete all the easy access to my twitter account and facebook. Just for one day. To concentrate on my work. I give myself until lunch time to finish two parts and until dinner for another part. Then I'll take a break. Seriously!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Double winnings!!!

Lately, my blogging mojo is back so I decided to start all over again. Stopped for about 2 years due to busy schedule and also lack of things to blog since I do nothing besides working, and doing assignments. Anyways, so I've been very active online, looking out for contest to join and hoping to win something. Oh the joy of winning things!! I like!!

So last week I joined this contest by and won a BR ice-cream cake!!! My 2nd one this year. Thank you! I can't wait to celebrate our 2nd year Anniversary with this cake.

Few months ago, I joined this Thursday Plantation Twitter Giveaway by Nuffnang and they emailed me today to tell me that I won 5 bottles of Tea Tree Dry Skin Relief worth RM165!!! I can't wait to get them. Honestly, don't know what they are for yet but will get it and write a review on it hopefully. =)

So that marks my double winning. Gonna join more contest and win more stuff!!! Now, I gotta go and finish up my remaining work so that I can enjoy myself with the girls at Hatyai on Friday!!! I know!! Proposal presentation is next week, I'm not prepared and I'm going off for a holiday!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Playlist for late night

Since I'm gonna have quite a bit of late night from today until next Thursday to get as much done as possible before next week's trip (and I'm coming back to face proposal presentation after that, damn bad ass), I've decided to spend some 10 minutes to combine a good playlist. I have always loved emo Chinese songs despite the fact that I am happily with the boyfriend.

I used to (before got together with the boyfriend) listen to emo Chinese songs while doing my assignments back in my undergrad days. So I decided to compile mine and save the playlist to get me through my late nights.

At least it's sad and it keeps me listening to the lyrics. I am not a rock song person anyway. And it's much better than old, emo English songs okay? Even if not emo, old English songs. My collection of English songs are so old, I'm afraid I'll doze off listening to it. It's of Carpenters, Love Songs, Westlifes, Backstreetboys and the likes.

I think it's safer to stick to Chinese songs for now. Still old though. Stopped downloading songs a couple of years already!! Please intro me good songs!! ^^

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wrong Emphasis

I was stopped by the librarian today for not following the dress code and wearing a knee length skirt. We are supposed to wear skirts below knee length, even for our convocation. So everyone looks like dumpling in our convocation.

Wore something like that cause I can finally wear knee length skirts instead of maxi skirts.
The last time I got stopped by a librarian because my sleeve was too short. I was wearing a t-shirt. I don't know how much longer she wants my sleeve to be.

Why put so much emphasis on things like this when the essential part of a library cannot be fulfilled? You lack lots of books related to the subjects in your university (like language and sociolinguistics), your system is always down and your librarian (some) doesn't know how to access the system except for the EXACT same method you printed on a paper. Remembered going to the librarian for help to search for dissertation. And all they said was, "There got guidelines, just follow like that." We said it won't show any result. And they dare to say, "Is it? But we only know how to do it like this." And they are in charge of the thesis section. T_T  If they are in charge of that section, don't they have any trainings to know how to guide students? Apart from that printed paper? Though we later on met someone who is really doing her job and knows what she is doing.

It seems like they put emphasis on things that are more minute and overlook the bigger picture.

And he asked me to go back, change and come back. It's 2pm for goodness sake. If it's not for the plenty of tables and air-cond, I wouldn't want to step in here to meet my friends. -.-" Not like you have books for me.

Veet If Off with Nuffnang

When I was about 12, I was curious of how it'll be like to have no hair on my legs. So I took a shaver and shaved off one part of my leg. I totally forgot about it until coarse hair started to grow on my leg. I was shocked cause the rest of the leg has finer hair but only that one spot has coarser one. Then I remembered I shaved my leg previously.

I had no choice but go to my mum to confess. She scolded me for being so silly. I continued shaving my legs and the longer I shave, the more I shave. So soon, almost all the hair on my right leg is shaved off. But I have hairy right leg and not so hairy left leg. When I heard about Veet, I immediately talked my mum into getting me one. So she did (she had no choice, her daughter got imbalance amount of hair on her legs =P).

This marks my first Veet!!

I've never looked back ever since. Veet gives me the confident to wear short dress and shorts. My mum always teased me and say my leg is like the "Steamed Chicken" after I use Veet. It's really in Hokkien called "Pek Cham Kay" cause "steamed chicken" has smooth and silky skin.

When I forget to restock on my Veet, the hair on my legs will grow and grow and it is so scary, I dare not wear anything short. Due to my studies, I've kind of neglected the hair cause I wear long jeans to class every day. The hair on my leg can fight with my boyfriend's. Don't ask me why he still loves me. T_T

So I've been wearing these maxi dresses I bought (in 4 different colours) and also some other maxi dresses to church on Sunday as my Sunday's best. If I run out of maxi dresses (or if I'm afraid that people ask me if I don't have other clothes), I'll wear tunics and leggings to cover my legs.

I have this in salmon pink, yellow, black, turquoise and I have another floral one. So yea, I have 5 in total.

It's awful cause I have many beautiful short dresses and I can't wear any of them but sticking to my maxi dresses.

So I have to do something about it. I got myself a Veet.
I bought for dry skin one. Want my leg to be smooth and soft.

One side with the cream, the other side looking over with envy

smooth and silky!!

So the boyfriend helped me to pin it up while I was busy Veeting myself.

With Veet, I can now wear short dresses so I can alter my maxi dresses into a shorter one so that I don't have to wear 4 different colours of maxi dresses. I can now have long and short ones for sophisticated and bubbly day!

Ta-da. Maxi dress can keep for a while now.

Another one just cause I like it.

Veet brings out the confidence in me!!! With Veet, I can now wear beautiful short dresses and show off my legs!!

ps: Above are 100% TRUE STORY.

Just now the boyfriend said, "Oh,  no wonder la you kept wearing maxi dresses everywhere lately. Now can wear short dresses already lo?" I think he secretly likes my smooth and silky legs but say love my hairy one just as much cause he always like that one. Everything also he will say like. I know he likes my leg after Veet because he said, "Next time when wedding time, you wax your legs la." Tsk tsk tsk, pecah rahsia.

Below are great video to show you how to Veet your legs. Sorry cannot video myself cause I don't have sexy legs and I don't Veet them as sexily as the models in the video. =P

Yes, you can imagine I do that too.. HAHAH Just not in such a sensual and sexy way. =P

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Phoneless day

More like phoneless for few hours only but phoneless day sounds more dramatic.

Anyway, nope, my cheapo touch screen smart phone is still alive. I just conveniently left it on my bed in my room at my apartment before rushing out to the library. I got to the library and realized something is missing.

I couldn't find a locker to keep my stuff (USM SO NEED MORE LOCKERS!!!) so I anyhow left my bag outside the library to rush in to claim the boyfriend's book I reserved. Cause this boy very smart, decided to borrow a book that NO ONE HAS EVER BORROWED BEFORE. Sampai the book masuk store room in another library OKAY?

So yep, then rushed out, checked my bag, thank God everything still here. Drag my stuff all the way to the new library and then face the dilemma of NO LOCKER AGAIN! Seriously? Luckily someone was leaving so I chup the locker and put my empty bag. Carry everything else into the library. Walked 4 storey high and still couldn't find my friend. Logged on to the computer and asked them on gmail. They are at 2nd floor. So now I got to grab my stuff and go reunite with people with phones!!!

At least I have my laptop!

I shall not forget my phone next time....if I can help it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our days are numbered

Very biblical right?

True our days are numbered. No doubt about that. But the one I am talking about is the one my friend posted on her gmail status.

Few days earlier (or yesterday, not sure) she put up, 'time is ticking away' (or something like that)

and today, she posted

Indeed our days are numbered. Cause we have to vomit out some proposal for our dissertation in two weeks' time or face the fury from our lecturer!!! So lots to do, little progress, lots of panicking and I hope that is suffice to get me working harder.

Off to bed early cause I've had a long night yesterday and has not recovered from it. Looks like the boyfriend has to be in charge of cooking with Jamie tomorrow cause I'll be off in the library.

Thank God I know He is there to guide me and He has great plans for me. Good enough to keep my head up high knowing that He has them all planned.

Leeching on people's fame

I am such a bad-ass.. Recently, I've been hearing and reading a lot on a range products by Sharp called Plasmacluster. These are different types of air purifiers for cars, house, desktop etc.. So if you cook at home and has lots of smoke or your house got bad smell (due to somebody who refuses to bathe), then you can have this to purify your air.

So they were promoting on their facebook.

Hurhurhur.. Saying the truth!!! =P But not very nice to pinjam people's platform to promote my Thermomix. <3 Jamie, mummy love you deep deep.

ps: I might consider Plasmacluster for another reason (Read: The part where somebody doesn't like to bathe so I may need it to purify the air.)

Starving at 12.37am

Should not have made my mantao at night cause the yeast need more time to react at night. And I am starving. And it'll be an awesome breakfast tomorrow!!!

So I shall wait while my mantao is hiding under my comforter, warming itself up. T_T

I think about time already. Gonna go and steam these babies up. After I clean my table.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Maybe it's God's Answer

Halfway through my CG today, my student (Saturday) called. Not his name is Saturday, his class is on Saturday. He has decided to stop the tuition for 3 months to concentrate on his football tournament which is also on Saturday. So I only have one student. The Sunday student will take a month's break for his holiday so in November, I will have no students at all.

With Jamie and my rent, it's a not very good news for me. But I believe God will provide. It may or may not be God's answer but at least now I have some free time on weekends to do my dissertation stuff and also reconsider serving God in other ministries and avenue. God will provide. =) Jamie will be okay cause my AWESOMEST SISTER paid for it first and I'll pay her back monthly. Rent is okay, I'll find a way. =) Just keep me in prayer, my dissertation and pray for God's blessing, protection and guidance.

Through this I will see how wonderful, awesome and powerful God is.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Since Jamie, my Thermomix came to my house (like 2 days ago), I've stopped cooking on the stove (COMPLETELY). I've been cooking rice, stir-frying, blending, making soy drink and kneading bread with my Thermomix. She has officially cooked at least 5 types of food by now. Not bad for a beginner. Trust me, I've only been to the demo twice (like recently, don't talk about 2 years ago okay?) and I've managed to make so much.

Proud of Jamie and myself and the boyfriend. =P Just showing what I've been cooking for the past two days.

Day 1 - Rice with Stir-Fry Vege cause we bought Ayamas. Just came back from training. Too exhausted to cook.

Day 2 - Eat the same stuff as the day before. Freshly fried vege and leftover ayamas. T_T

Day 3
Rice, Sweet Sour Chicken, Stir Fry Broccoli and Carrot
Soy Drink
Wholewheat Sausage Croissant
Never had such juicy, crunchy sweet broccoli and carrot. I've never been good with broccoli cause I always ended up under cooking it, making it taste bitter. Or over cooking it and make it turn yellow. But Jamie does it best.

Forgive the excessive sauce. Was trying to cook my usual dish with Jamie, my Thermomix. It worked, just a little too wet. But it taste AWESOME.
Soy Drink. With all the fiber, VERY HEALTHY

Wholewheat sausage bun with cheese (some only) for the boyfriend to bring to KL. And also to bring home. Free from preservative!!

This marks the end of my week 1 cooking as I'm going home tomorrow!!! Stay tune for next week!!! I'm very proud of myself, the boyfriend and Jamie. Thank you God for blessing us with Jamie, our Thermomix!

Never give up!

It's okay to fail once in a while. Just pick yourself up from there and start again!!! I shall never give up!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Treat others how you want to be treated

I'm sure all of us wants people to be nice to us, to be friendly, to be honest, to be kind, to lend a helping hand, to be caring and all the good things. Unless of course you prefer people to be rude to you, to lie to you, to be selfish then I think you are in a whole new level all together.

So, I was working at this place last year until end of May. It wasn't the nicest place to work at but it was okay in the beginning cause I always have cute students to entertain me. However, by the 3rd month, I knew this is the place I will only work for 1 year until my contract ends. I did not have any passion or desire to go on because some students are really monsters (but wayyyyy better than Sandra's), the boss aren't exactly helpful and honestly, the workload is way too much for the pay I got.

Anyways, throughout the whole working period, I've heard stuff about my boss, about how he treated the other staffs. I was pretty okay with him since he did not do what he did to them to me. So I just kept quiet and lent an ear to them and comfort them. One thing I didn't like was how I was asked to take up more than what I should, like combining two classes into mine without any helper and they are of different levels (never gonna send my kids to this place man).

So about 3 months after I stopped, I heard stories from my ex-colleague about how my ex-boss decided one day to only pay them half the salary for that month because the business wasn't good. I didn't know that the ASSISTANT teachers (we are assistants but we take up classes on our own, I am not sure how he define teachers) and clerks are responsible for bringing in new customers. I mean if I go to work, I did my job, I deserve to be paid, no? Am I missing anything here? It is bad enough that he only banks in cheque on the 5th of the following month, and the cheque will float for 3 days so technically, you only receive your salary on the 8th instead of 7th. But he has banked in, so...

Anyways, 3 months later (he owed them half of the salary of the 2nd month after I left), he has yet to pay them their salary with the excuse that the company is holding back the salary so that staff do not run away. WHAT THE CRAP IS THIS? I work, I get paid. If others gonna run, it's their problem. Why is it that I have to be responsible for what others do? Like how if others kept coming late to work and taking MC or just not turn up, I get my whole attendance allowance deducted because I applied for unpaid leave? You can jolly well deduct my salary based on the days I applied for leave but not the entire attendance allowance APART from my salary. Cause you approved my leave!! Damn nonsense right? Reason? Because other staff has been doing it quite often and it's a warning. FREAKING WARN THEM LA, WHY WARN THEM ON MY EXPENSE?

Ok, sorry for being so angry. I just find his excuse unacceptable. So now my ex-colleague is fed up with the boss and the work place and decided to resign by this week. She did not give a month's notice and the boss insist that she has to pay the company one month salary if she leaves. Fair enough since she should have given the one month notice. But he continued by saying that the girl has bad attitude because she didn't think of the company. If you want people to be loyal to your company and work for you, pay people for what's their worth. If you do not care for your staff, how you expect them to do likewise? I'm baffled by your excuses and logic.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Why did I decide to buy Thermomix?

Many have asked me, you haven't even have your own house, why do you need Thermomix? It's not exactly cheap. And worst still, you are still studying. No stable income.

I have a few reasons to it only really.

It's not cheap. But it's a great investment and I am willing to invest in it. To choose to pay this amount of money for something that will last me 20-30 years and save me so much money from eating the same thing outside for 7 times the price, I am willing.

It's healthy. I believe it's time we start to care about our health more than we care about how many new clothes we can buy or how many expensive meals we can have outside. Relationships and friendships can still be built over food, but just over food that we cook on our own.

By the time I own a house, I will need bed, refrigerator, television, oven, sofa, nice toilet, nice cupboard, flooring and trust me, the list goes on. If I wait until I get my own house, I'll never get to appreciate the awesomeness of this machine because it'll probably take me another 5-6 years before I am settled down to get it. What if I got my child then and I'll be saving for him or her and I'll not have money to get this. I believe this machine will help me in the long run. As much as I believe in saving, we both do, it's a good investment at a good time.

It's never too early to start a healthier living. If you know how much harm you get from the traditional cooking and with this machine, you can get a better and healthier life, why not? And cause I'm paying it monthly, it helps me to be more responsible with my money and save every penny I earned from tutoring.

This could be what I want to do in the long run. Having time for myself and yet doing something I like, cooking and sharing the goodness of Thermomix. I have to start somewhere and it's God's plan that I actually followed my mum and sis to the demo AGAIN (went like 3-4 times already) although I was extremely exhausted.

I'm loving Jamie, my Thermomix right now. Will share my experience but for now, it's ALL LOVE!!!!

Jamie came into our life

That's the name of my Thermomix by the way. Named it Jamie cause the boyfriend and I adores Jamie Oliver.

Welcomed the baby into the family and cooked our first dinner of stir fried vege and rice with it. It has been a long day so I did not bother to make anything more. Thursday will experiment with other stuff. =)

Will continue to update.

Join me at

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hui Hu Xi De Tong by Fish Leong

歌名 / Name:会呼吸的痛 / Hui Hu Xi de Tong / Pain that Breathes
歌手 / Artist:梁静茹 / Liang Jing Ru / Fish (Jasmine) Leong

zai dong jing tie ta di yi ci tiao wang
在东京铁塔 第一次眺望
at the Tokyo Tower, first time looking out

kan deng huo mo fang zhui luo de xing guang
看灯火模仿 坠落的星光
looking at the lights imitating the fallen star

wo zhong yu dao da dan que geng bei shang
我终於到达 但却更悲伤
I’ve finally arrived but sadder than before

yi ge ren wan cheng wo men de meng xiang
一个人完成 我们的梦想
I‘ve achieved our goal

ni zong shuo shi jian hai hen duo, ni ke yi deng wo
你总说 时间还很多 你可以等我
you’ve always said, there is still lots of time, you can wait for me

yi qian wo bu dong de, wei bi ming tian jiu you yi hou
以前我不懂得 未必明天 就有以后
before I didn’t understand, that there’s a tomorrow, doesn’t mean there’s a future

(***beginning of chorus)
xiang nian shi hui hu xi de tong ,ta huo zai wo shen shang suo you jiao luo
想念是会呼吸的痛 它活在我身上所有角落
missing you is the pain that breathes, it lives on every part of my body

heng ni ai de ge hui tong, kan ni de xin hui tong, lian cheng mo ye tong
哼你爱的歌会痛 看你的信会痛 连沉默也痛
humming the song you loved hurts, looking at your letters hurts, even the silence hurts

yi han shi hui hu xi de tong ,ta liu zai xie yi zhong lai hui gun dong
遗憾是会呼吸的痛 它流在血液中来回滚动
regret is the pain that breathes, it flows back and forth within my blood

hou hui bu tie xin hui tong, hen bu dong ni hui tong ,xiang jian bu neng jian zui tong
后悔不贴心会痛 恨不懂你会痛 想见不能见最痛
regretting not have cared enough hurts, hating not have understood you enough hurts, wanting to see you but can’t hurts the most

(***end of chorus)

mei kan ni lian shang zhang yang guo ai shang
没看你脸上 张扬过哀伤
didn’t see any sadness come across your face

na shi zhong duo me ji mo de jue jiang
那是种多么 寂寞的倔强
that is such a lonely stubbornness

ni chai le cheng qiang ,rang wo qu liu lang
你拆了城墙 让我去流浪
you’ve taken away the safety wall, and let me out on my own

zai yuan di deng ,wo ba zi ji kun bang
在原地等我 把自己捆绑
staying put, I’ve bundled myself up

ni mei shuo ni ye hui ran ruo ,xu yao yi lai wo
你没说 你也会软弱 需要依赖我
you didn’t say, that you may become weak too, needed my support

wo jiu zhuang bu xiao de, zi you yi dong zi wo de guo
我就装不晓得 自由移动 自我地过
I pretended that I didn’t know, moved freely, lived my own life


wo fa shi bu zai shuo huang le ,duo ai ni jiu hui bao ni duo jin de
我发誓不再说谎了 多爱你就会抱你多紧的
I promise I won’t lie any more, how tight I hold you means how much I love you

wo de wei xiao dou jia le, ling hun xiang piao fu zhe ni zai jiu hao le
我的微笑都假了 灵魂像飘浮著 你在就好了
my smile is all fake now, my soul seems to be just floating, it’ll be okay if you are here

wo fa shi bu rang ni deng hou ,pei ni xiang zuo de wu lun shen me
我发誓不让你等候 陪你做想做的无论什么
I promise I won’t let you wait, I’ll be with you for whatever you want to do

wo yue lai yue xiang bei ke, pa xin bei ren chu peng ,ni hui lai na jiu hao le
我越来越像贝壳 怕心被人触碰 你回来那就好了
I’m more and more like a shell, afraid of being contacted by people, it’ll be okay if you are back

neng chong lai na jiu hao le
it’ll be okay if everything can just start over


Used to be a song I cry over with all lights off cause I was going through a terrible time in 2008, hanging onto something that has already passed. Now I listen to it again, it still gives me the sting in the heart although I am happily attached and well-loved. I think it's the power of the song to touch your heart.

Flu bug flying around

The boyfriend is down with flu, AGAIN! He has the lowest tolerance for flu. Serious!!

And I can feel the bug trying to invade me to. I shall not let it win! *Drink plenty of vitamin C and water*

But yea, weather has been moody and so it's easier to fall sick. Need to take care of ourselves at these time. With reports all due, presentation to prepare, I need to be in pink of health!

Now if you don't mind, I am going to fend off some bugs!


Look at my label HAHAHA..

2.30 am

This is not fun anymore. I want to sleep. Please?

T_T Another few more paragraphs to go! Need my beauty SLEEP!!!

Will persevere!!!

=.=" zzz


Sunday, October 7, 2012


Does anyone else get hiccups from drinking soup?

Super annoying because every time I start my meal with soup and then I get my bouts of hiccups and I get so tired of hiccuping, I don't even want to continue eating.

But it's normal though, that people get hiccups from drinking hot fluid. So nope, I'm not weird. ^^

But damn ANNOYING!!!

I can get hiccups while drinking water also. T_T Not even hot water.

And I choked on water, my own saliva, when I'm talking. MIGHT AS WELL GET CHOKED BECAUSE OF AIR!!!

So yea, choking does not annoy me, hiccuping does.

Have not received my Thermomix. Super looking forward to it! Next week will be a week of training and a week of partying cause it's the sampan tiau's birthday!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Tip Tap Tip Tap Rain is Falling

Raining is pouring outside and I'm here, listening to songs and trying to finish up first chapter of my dissertation draft, hopefully to get approval from the lecturer. Have to submit tomorrow. So expect late night.

But the rain is not helping. I wish I can dive into my bed now to sleep but diving means making myself comfortable which will definitely lead to a good night's sleep. And a good night's sleep is not something I deserve now.

Brought the boyfriend to watch cooking demo of Thermomix. Will keep you updated about this beautiful baby that cost us RM5k. Will share recipes and pictures and make you salivate cause this RM5k baby is definitely worth it. Will make it worth it no matter what.

The boyfriend made sushi roll yesterday night. I prepared all the ingredients including the rice and he rolled. He is one talented sushi roller. We "hai, hai" each other the whole night. He is Master Roller. I am Master Chef. What? I did prepare the most part of the dish which are the ingredients. No ingredients no sushi, just seaweed. HAHAHA My sushi rice damn nice okay? Just right of the vinegar and all. ^^ I iz cleber.

Mad love the sandwich the boyfriend made for my lunch.
The boyfriend has been such a sweetie to cook and bring food to library for me before he goes to classes or library. The day before he cooked rice with fried vege, fried egg with onions and steam tofu. Awesome much. Then he made this awesome sandwich that I can't seem to get over. LOVE IT MUCH. Cling wraps or aluminum foil donations are welcome. Just send me an email at pinkyblue88 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Master Roller rolled these sushi and cut them up. Now I need that Thermomix knife for better and more precise cutting next round.

Okay, above are what the boyfriend has been cooking. When our Thermomix comes, even greater food stuff will appear in this blog so come back for more alright? Anybody interested to know more about Thermomix can email me at pinkyblue88 [at] gmail [dot] com. Anybody interested in a Thermomix cooking demo in Penang can also contact me for further information.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

How hashtag is used?

What is hashtag?
A hashtag is a “symbol” (or code) that allows web search engines to find and categorize messages, keywords and in the case of Instagram, pictures.

How do you use it?
For example: #Pic of my #cat called Kitty in the #garden  
The idea here is not to tag every single word, only the most relevant and important. 

taken from :

I've been seeing crazy amount of hashtag on instagram. Although some people put like 20 over hashtag on one picture, I am still fairly okay with it when it is related. A little desperate but acceptable. What I can't accept is, hashtagging EVERY SINGLE WORD!!!

 Like... #rarely #dress #up #nice #makeup #today. LIKE WHO THE CRAP LOOKS FOR RARELY AND UP AND TODAY?Or #ONE? Or #No?

Surprisingly, many people tag like that. I find it very irritating to read someone's instagram comment to find every word hashtagged. I guess that's the easier way to get noticed. Ok fine, I just want to rant cause I cannot take it anymore.

Sorry, too many ranting post lately. T_T

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The boyfriend bought two McD's Egg McMuffin on Sunday, worked overnight and joined the Mcdonald's contest. However, as his instagram is not public, his pictures was not received although it can be seen in #egg_citing and #mcdonaldsmalaysia.

I asked the PIC and he/she replied without tagging my name on the comment. As there are so many posting, I lost track of mine. Then I kept asking for email to ask about this problem and he/she only gave it to me yesterday at about 4pm. So I emailed the person with my enquiry and all. No reply. Today, they have announced the winner.

=( Damn disappointed. For their lack of response to people's enquiries and for their don't care attitude. They can do this cause they are big company. Most of the comments on their facebook are nothing but complains about how bad their service is. They don't even have the decency to reply properly. Just say I'm sorry and then proceed to paste on a link to ask people to divert the complains to the website.

I mean HIRE A FREAKING CUSTOMER SERVICE WHO CAN DO SOMETHING ON THE FACEBOOK CAN? Don't anyhow take someone who knows how to post comments and pictures on Facebook only. Seriously! Even Standard Pen is better cause they actually have someone who is in charge of that department and can answer to your queries. Especially when there's contest going on. I choose Marshall's Burger anytime over McD's burger! More worth it and much nicer. And it's fresh.

Boikot McD. Too bad to the boyfriend. His favourite food.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Grandma Handphone

My grandma wanted a handphone. So my sister got her one (bestest granddaughter I tell you). I've never seen such a phone. I didn't even know it exist. So if you need a phone for your grandma, you may consider this.

 #1 Huge ass numbers for grandma , CHECKED!

It's crazy how huge the numbers are. I'm amazed by my sister's ability to source this out. Where did this thing come from? Super awesome I tell you!!!

 #2 Camera, CHECKED! IT HAS A FREAKING CAMERA!!! Now grandma can camwhore too! HAHA..not that she does. She doesn't even call with the phone. She just want one. =P But it has camera lor. Big ass numbers with camera. More stylo mylo grannies will need it!

#3 Charger input and I think earphones input as well.
Means got music? I am not sure cause my sister lost the charger and the battery died anyway. So I didn't get a chance to operate it and see what's inside. But what's outside is pretty cool to me.

The usual sound control etc.

But who would have thought such handphone exist? With huge ass words and camera. I still can't get over this.

So looking for a handphone for your grandma? Try to look out for this. You have got to show the picture cause I don't know what model is this. =P

Lotus Five Cinema

I'm not sure how many people still go to Prangin Mall, what more for movies. But Lotus Five Star is situated in Prangin Mall. It's great cause students only pay RM5 for movies (if it's not new released) the last time I went. I was beyond shocked but paid happily.

It is usually very deserted which is really unfortunate cause the chairs are all new and it's really nice. However, when we went yesterday, the air-cond was not on for the first 1 hour. But bearable cause there's like only 5 of us in there. It was switched on the next hour and it's perfect cause otherwise we would get too cold. I supposed they should switch it on the first hour and off it the next. That'll be better.

And the pop corn is alright. Not as big as TGV's but really, TGV's ticket is ridiculously high. Boyfie and I always go to LFS cause it's much cheaper there.

Me popcorn. Which is really not too bad at all. Size almost like GSC's tho.
Such a pity that not much people go there anymore. Park your car at 1st Avenue and enjoy good movie at low price yet get a comfortable experience!!!

We watched Loopers. Not bad. Kinda nice, a bit draggy tho. But nice.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday morning shock

I enjoy googling in my free time. So I googled Why Maybank Should Give Me Legoland Tickets?

To my horror, there are like almost (or more than) 100 other bloggers joined. And there are only 11 pair of tickets to give away. =( It doesn't matter, if it is meant to be, it is meant to be.

/please let it be meant to be for me.