Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Google Yourself

Few years ago, I was chatting to a friend about googling my own name. I found out a little more about myself and maybe the shortest person in the world. Apparently the shortest man in the world shares the same name.

Anyway, it brought back memories. I used to be able to blog about anything and everything. Although I sometimes really weren't funny but I tried to be. Now? I don't even bother to try. Life has reached a stage where nothing is really very interesting or blog-worthy.

But it is still fun to read back on my blog entries from many years back or read my friends' who have also neglected theirs. Somehow all our blogs died around the same time. Perhaps cause we are moving to the same phase of life together and really there's nothing to write unless I were to start blogging about.....I don't know, the weather?

I was glad I blogged when I was younger. I can read back and laugh at my own lameness and stupidity. =P One day I will revive or start another blog, when I enter the phase of life where everything around me interest me again (like marriage or new house or cooking).

For now, I will just pen down whenever I feel like it.

I also really should learn how to use my camera. Another reason of me stopping is because I don't really know how to use this new camera ever since I dropped the old one.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Eyelid Stitching

I have heard so many people doing it and apparently it doesn't hurt.

I just read about a blogger who did it for RM3k to 4k and that can last for 10years. I have been contemplating but if I were to do it, I must first lose weight. Lol, cause lose weight is almost painless (or bearable pain) and it is free. That also can I cannot do it, don't even think about doing such beautification procedure.

But I might day....Not that I have problem going out as I am, poor boyfriend. I used to be much more vain and put more effort. Now I am just wearing t-shirts and 3 quarter pants when I go out with the boyfriend. Downgraded. Speaking of which, I shall put more effort.

For now, I'm going to get the lace double eyelid tape.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It is done!

This is a little belated cause I was busy from Friday all the way to yesterday. It was a long weekend in Penang and the boyfriend is around so I need to nua on the bed with him. Hey, it is very taxing ok?

So....the title of this post shows that....we have finally confirmed the booking for our new house. It will only be done in 2017 but I am so happy!!! Like FINALLY! No more house hunting and going round and round. No more looking at not so nice houses and just resorted to my fate of not having a dream house. No more going to some neighbourhood and sighing cause I really don't like the neighbourhood.

Thank You God for this gift. Thank You that we stumbled upon this roadshow in QB. Thank You that the price is within our range and thank You that the house we saw after that was horrible and expensive which make the decision to get this one so much faster.

So from now to 2017, it is about working hard, saving money and dreaming for our dream home.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The day has come

Two more days until we can see the house that we've been wanting to see.

I am excited for sure although I try to calm myself down. It has been a long search and we've been to so many houses, the initial excitement to see houses has long gone. But now that this might be IT, the feeling is back. And this will be so much more than I ever ever ever dream or even thought of.

So whatever that is given to me, I will take it, treasure it and appreciate it. Also, gonna start working again soon so good time is here. God will give me all that I need and all that I want in time to come. There will be many opened doors and many closed doors and I will just call on to God and cling on Him to lead me to the right door, the door that He intended for me.